Apple Self-Driving Car Hit Rough Weather, Again!

The self-driving Apple Car has hit rough weather, again. A series of top managers' exit could jeopardise the launch of Apple Car. It also reminds us of Elon's reaction to Apple's plan of jumping into the autonomous car business.

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Just few days before when we reported about Elon Musk mocking tech giants like Apple and Huawei, little did anyone know how correct he was going to prove himself. While Huawei is struggling to win back its lost ground in the smartphone market, Apple is jolted, once again, with a series of high profile exit from its electric car division.

Apple has lost multiple top managers of its self-driving car team that could have an adverse effect on Apple’s plan of launching its first Apple Car, let alone be competition with the market leader Tesla.

According to Bloomberg, Dave Scott, who was heading the robotics team related to Apple Car, left to join Hyperfine, a healthcare company, as a Chief Executive Officer. Dave’s new employer is working on a next-generation MRI system. Considering the current global scenario that has got the whole world into its grip, healthcare companies are not hesitating from taking risks and are making moves including high profile hiring to penetrate the market as soon as possible.

Dave Scott is not the only top executive that jumped off the ship of Apple this year. Jaime Waydo, one of the key executives of Apple responsible for autonomous car safety and regulation resigned before Dave. Jaime has joined as Chief Technology Officer at Cavnue, a thriving startup in the field of autonomous cars on public roads.

The third most high-profile exit this year was Benjamin Lyon. The exit of Bejamin was quite surprising for Tim Cook and them as he played a key role for several years in establishing a team for Apple’s original Car. He has joined another company called Astra which competes with Elon’s Space X. As a Chief Engineer, Benjamin will help Astra to achieve its goal of sending satelites to space.

While the above departure has given a strong jolt to Apple’s overall plan of launching its electric-powered Apple Car, the company has added few renowned names to the team on the other hand.

There are hundreds of engineers working on the underlying technology of Apple Car, alongside a group of people working on the design and manufacturing of Apple Car. All these people are led by Doug Field, the biggest and the most notable hiring Apple did. Dough was formerly working for Tesla and is well aware of many integrities of developing an autonomous car.

Overall, Apple’s road to success in the autonomous car market is not going to be a cakewalk like its smartphone business arm. As Elon Musk right said “Prototypes are easy, production is hard”, Apple is having its own share of challenges and struggle that Elon already faced for many years during the early days of Tesla.

Besides retaining top talents Apple’s is facing challenges from the manufacturing front. The break with Hyundai, Kia that left Apple Car project in jeopardy, and the latest rumours about Apple shaking hands with LG-Magna has already raised the eyebrows of many.

Even after the launch of Apple Car the Cupertino giant will have to prepare itself for an uphill battle considering the speed Tesla is penetrating the market and adding mind-boggling features to its various models every year. For one of the world’s most valuable companies, competing with Tesla will be the most difficult test the iPhone maker have faced in the last two decades.


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