Clubhouse For Android Users Launched: Soon To Be Available in India

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The wait for Clubhouse for Android users is finally over! After witnessing the exploded growth in the first year of its launch, Clubhouse is ready to penetrate the world’s largest smartphone community – Android users.

Over the weekend, the audio-based social media app has softly launched the beta version for Android users. The Clubhouse for Android users is now available to download from Google Play, albeit restricted for Android users in the US.

Clubhouse, an invitation-only social media app allows users to communicate in audio format with each other in real-time. The skyrocketing growth of Clubhouse has not been hidden from anyone despite the fact that it was restricted only for iPhone users till now.

With the launch of the Clubhouse Android app, the company could increase its user base by multi-folds. Given the minuscule percentage of Android users in the US, the logical and strategical move by the company would be to make it available in India – the world’s second-largest country by the number of Android smartphone users – as soon as possible. The company could announce the launch of the Clubhouse for Android users in India as soon as it out from the beta version.

The company has planned to collect the feedback, fix issues in the next few weeks. Once the stability is achieved on Android, features like payments and club creation would be added before rolling out widely.

Without specifically naming India, the company has already hinted that it has planned to roll out the app for Android users in english speaking countries first, before other countries. Undoubtedly, India tops the list in any such lists, by the number of Android users, acceptance or usage.

Currently, there are nearly 700 million smartphone users in India, making it the second-largest country after China. Android accounts for a lion’s share of this as Apple’s iPhone is still out of reach for a majority of mobile phone users in the country known for its price sensitivity.

However, considering the closed ecosystem and not-so-favouring conditions for US companies in China, India has emerged as the first choice for all the international tools and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others.

Skyrocketing Growth Of Clubhouse

Launch in early 2020, Clubhouse has been growing phenomenally with each passing month despite it’s available only for iPhone users so far.

It took just 1 year for the audio-based social media app to reach 10 million active users. The app now accounts for 80% of all social audio apps downloads.

The popularity and potential of the app could be well understood from the fact that the app is valued at a whopping $4 billion within 12 months of its launch and investors are lining up to pour more money to accelerate the growth rate of the app.

Noticing the unprecedented growth of the Clubhouse and unavailability on its Android platform, many clones have mushroomed in the last 3 months by sensing a huge opportunity in the audio based social media market.

The growth of Clubhouse has not gone unnoticed with the existing leaders of social media. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have already taken the first step to launch similar features in a bid to avoid users from jumping off the ship. Facebook Hotline, Twitter Space and Reddit Talks are few of these clones which could give the Clubhosue run for its money.

Undoubtedly, the management and investors of Clubhouse must be watching these developments closely. The launch of Clubhouse Android app is the first step to strengthen its presence in the market before its too late.

Now, it’s just a matter of time before the Clubhouse Android app in India is released.

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