Is The New Google Pixel Smartphone Ad Compelling Enough To Make You Fall For It?

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Even if you are someone who currently owns a Google Pixel smartphone, chances are you do not really remember when was the last time Google pushed you to buy one via its advertising or marketing efforts.

Wondering why? This is because Google’s Pixel range of smartphones has slowly grown a cult following instead of appealing to the mainstream masses like Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones.

That being said, Google is now changing up the game, and it’s all set to break Pixel out of its cult-like shell by urging consumers to make the switch from their old device to a brand Pixel smartphone ‘mindfully’.

Take note that the key word here is ‘mindful’. A contemporary concept that requires you to be ever-conscious of everything, the Alphabet-owned giant stresses on it vehemently in its new advert, which comes disguised as a four-and-a-half-minute guided meditation episode.

The video opens up with a young woman’s calm and deep voice set to an ethereal music track playing in the background.

The wise and enlightened voice says, “I know what you’re thinking. If this process is so fast and effortless, why is this video so long?”

She then goes on to explain that even though the process is easy, it needs your mind to take some time and calm down at first.

Here, Google is trying to send consumers into a state of hypnosis wherein they must believe that switching to a Pixel device is the most relaxing thing ever (at least when it comes to smartphones).

The voice then goes on to further say that it likes to turn the Pixel on by using telekinesis. However, that is not the case for average Joes like us, who probably would hold down the button provided on the right-hand side.

The way the voice describes the ability of the Google Pixel smartphone to transfer all of your photos, apps and other vital files from your old and defunct phone is something one could actually mistake for an audio track from Headspace. So very calming and uniquely humorous.

Lastly, she mentions, “You can’t mess this up as long as you trust the process.” Well, the joke is on Google here because they must have thought that trusting the process of selling smartphones simply requires one to release them, and people would buy them just because of that.

Needless to say that Google is leaving no stone turned to position Google Pixel smartphone as the strongest contender to Apple iPhone. It wants to display that despite all the reported issues like fragmentation and security it can provide a similar experience iPhone users have been boasting for a long.

All in all, the new advert is extremely entertaining and might just lead to making consumers reassess the Pixel in a world where smartphones are offering features and specs so good that they are simply a ‘no-brainer’ purchase and doesn’t require one to think ‘mindfully’.
What are your thoughts about Google Pixel devices? Do you think they stack up well against the iPhones and Galaxy series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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