Is Google Fighting A Lost Battle With Pixel Smartphones: The Key Executives Exit

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When the launch of Google Pixel 4a smartphone will take place is anyone’s guess. Rumours are making round on the internet that Google has once again postponed the launch of Pixel 4a smartphones to June. Earlier it was expected that Google I/O conference, scheduled for May 22, would be the ideal platform to launch the low price version of Google Pixel 4. However, due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, the company decided to cancel the event this year.

Now, the new report claims that Google could launch Pixel 4a on June 5 in a standalone online event. While there is no official confirmation or announcement from the company side, we take it as a pinch of salt.

While the launch date could still be anyone’s guess, a piece of new information that has come to the light recently is making jaw dropped.

The two key executives who were instrumental in making the earlier version of Google Pixel much adorable have left the company within a short span of time.

Marc Levoy, the mastermind behind the Google Pixel camera technology parted ways with Google in March this year. He was instrumental in the advancement of camera technology in Google Pixel smartphones. Levoy was last seen in Google’s NY event late last year.

The introduction of “computational photography” in smartphones goes to Levoy. To keep Pixel smartphones ahead of its competitors, he introduced HDR+, Portrait Mode, and Night Sight with Pixel smartphones without making it much hardware dependent.

The second high profile exit was Mario Queiroz, the second top executives in Google Pixel team. He also left the company in January this year, after serving Google for nearly 14 years.

Both the exits in just a few months of time hints at the ongoing struggle within Google Pixel team. While the company is trying to strengthen its market presence with premium and low price version of Pixel lineup, the results have not been satisfactory, so far.

Google introduced Pixel lineup nearly four years ago. In October 2016, the first Google Pixel smartphone was introduced with a promise of providing the best of Android experience. It was believed that Google was trying to replicate the success of iPhone by having complete control over the Android ecosystem – Hardware, OS and Apps.

The sales of Pixel smartphones during the last few years have been below than expectations. In its Q4 fiscal 2019 earning call, Google revealed that hardware revenue continued to decline. The dismal sales performance of Pixel 4 once again proved that Google is finding tough to make heads turned.

Google has been struggling with the sales of Pixel devices since the beginning. Despite introducing many new features and upgrades the sales of Pixel smartphones continued to decline year over year. The sales figure of Pixel 3 smartphones was even worse than its predecessor Pixel 2.

Google, on the other hand, kept insisting on a fact that Pixel smartphones are not meant to capture the market with complete with other Android OEMs likes of Samsung or Xiaomi. Hence, the sales of Pixel smartphones can’t be linked with the success or failure of Pixel devices. The company claimed that the purpose of launching Pixel smartphones is to showcase the real capability of Android OS experience when provided with the best hardware combination.

But the loyalty score of Google Pixel users tells a different story altogether. A study done by BankMyCell reveals that less than half of Pixel smartphone users stay loyal while upgrading themselves.

All said and done, the exit of two top executives from Google hardware team has put the company in a tough spot now when it comes to Pixel smartphone business. People claimed that the absurd pricing strategy of Pixel devices was the key factor behind the failure of whatsoever objective Google is trying to achieve. Offering value for money must be the prime objective of Google that would, in turn, make people experience the best of Android OS. End of the day, that’s all it matters.


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