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Google Pixel 4: The Accidentally Revealed Smartphone Hints Design Inspiration From Samsung Galaxy S10?

Google Pixel 4 design
Google might have just given us a glimpse of Pixel 4, the upcoming Pixel smartphone, unintentionally during the company's ongoing Google I/O 2019 keynote.Google's Assistant was one of the highlights of the show, with the company finding a way not only to reduce the size of the voice recognition software but make it all happen on-device. The company demonstrated...

Sales Of Google Pixel Smartphones In Q2 2018, By Region

Google Pixel Sales in Q2 2018 by Region
 The above DGraph represents the Google Pixel sales share in Q2 2018, by region. Till Q2 2018, Google had launched 3 Pixel devices - Google Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL - all were failed to capture a sizable share of the global smartphone market. In the year 2017, Google only shipped about 3.9 million units of the Pixel and Pixel 2 devices,...

Is The Market Share of Google Pixel Phones in India Really Worth the Hype?

Pixel Phones in India
The best of Android and Apple has raised the smartphone standards in the market. Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are giving a tough challenge to the Smartphone leader Samsung in India. According to ET, citing data from Counterpoint, a market research firm, Google Pixel and Pixel XL has captured 10% of premium smartphone market in India within just 17 days...

When Huawei Rejected Google’s Offer To Manufacture Pixel Phones!

huawei rejects google offer
It's almost time. Google is all set to unveil it's most talked about Pixel Phones. Few more hours and the curtains will be up, putting all our anticipations to rest. The search engine giant has put together some powerful components in this phone. We all know Google Pixel Phones are being manufactured by HTC and we simply can't wait...

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