The Mysterious Smartphone with 192MP Camera: The Crazy Race Is Far From Over

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A smartphone with 192 MP smartphone! yes, you read it right and the immediate question that comes in our mind is:

Is it a smartphone with an excellent camera features or a camera with excellent smartphone features?

Smartphone users have always wanted more in terms of camera megapixels. A smartphone’s camera is one of the most fascinating factors for users that play a key role in driving the sales of smartphones. Some times back, there was a crazy race going on between mobile manufacturing companies for making a smartphone with a high-resolution camera. However, 2 to 3 years ago almost all the flagship companies settled for a standard 12 MP or 16MP camera. Although companies settled for a standard megapixel, the enormous success of a smartphone offering 32MP camera reignited this race. As the competition grew the smartphones reached from having a 16MP camera to 64MP.

This feat was soon made old by a collaboration between Samsung and Xiaomi. They crossed the 100 MP barrier making a smartphone with 108 MP camera. While Samsung introduced the 108 MP camera with Samsung S20 Ultra, Xiaomi decided to equip much-awaited Mi 10 series smartphones with the same camera.

Initially, the availability of 108MP Camera appeared the end of the crazy camera contest smartphone OEMs were involved in. But now if we believe in rumours there is a smartphone OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which is trying to take the competition to a whole new level with the introduction of 192MP camera in a smartphone.

If the OEM – whose name is not known yet – succeeds in making people fall for it, other smartphone companies would be left miles behind in this crazy war of loading more powerful camera in smartphones.

The rumour about the 192 MP smartphone was first suggested by the Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo. Although there is nothing that comes with a confirmation yet the news has already started turning heads while fans speculate about the specifications of the phone.

The Mystery Smartphone With 192 MP Camera

The news of a smartphone with 192 MP camera seems quite exciting but there are various challenges for the manufacturer to tackle. Such a high-end smartphone camera requires a lot of processing power and other supporting components under the hood.

The biggest challenge of making such a smartphone would be finding a chipset that could process such high-end frames properly and quickly. While there are high-end chipsets that indeed support a 192 MP camera, the development of any such supporting sensors is not known. The tipster mentioned model number SM7250 which is the model number of the Snapdragon 765 processor. Although Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 series of processors do support 192 MP images, it can only be used to take snapshots. The use of features such as HDR or any other which involves multi-frame processing would not be possible.

Another problem with increasing pixels is the camera’s ability to gather pixel as light decreases. To solve this issue, smartphone companies have been using a technique called pixel binning. So far we have seen nano binning technology (3×3 pixel array) used in the 108 Samsung 108MP sensor. To capture images in 192MP, the smartphone manufacturer will have to use 4×4 array to create a massive pixel which would help to improve the image quality in low light. Although the high resolution of the image would help in capturing details like never before. It will allow users to capture every detail flawlessly.

The Crazy Race between Companies:

Although companies like Xiaomi and Samsung are at the forefront of the camera-centred smartphone industry with their latest feat, there are not the only players. Other Chinese companies like Huawei is also working on perfecting on-screen selfie camera technology. At the same time, Oppo has already unveiled a prototype of an on-screen selfie camera phone. Besides, Samsung has already announced working on a 144 MP camera smartphone in collaboration with Xiaomi. It would another feat for the two companies. Oppo is also working on launching its first 5G smartphone Containing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 series processor.

The relevance Is a Question To Answer

Although companies are busy competing with one another to make high-resolution camera smartphones, nobody is asking if it is necessary. Most of the pictures taken by these high-end smartphones are generally used either on social media platforms or the internet.

While browsing in social media it’s very difficult to find a difference in quality between an image taken from a 64 MP camera and 108MP camera smartphone. Although there are advantages of having a high-quality smartphone, having a high-resolution camera smartphone seems quite irrelevant, at least for now. These high-resolution cameras also come at a cost of poor images taken in low-light.

In spite of all of the above, the current market trends suggest that users’ decision to buy a smartphone is highly influenced by the higher megapixel camera offered by a smartphone. Due to this camera resolution has now become no more than a market strategy.

A balance between camera quality and other specifications of the smartphone is very important such as image stabilization, AI image optimization, etc. We need to ask ourselves that we need an extremely good camera smartphone or a smartphone with a balance of all features?

Although this news about a 192 MP camera phone is fascinating, it is so far nothing more than a rumour. We should take this news as nothing more than a pinch of salt. If however, the rumours are true, we would have more leaks and updates about it in the upcoming weeks. Therefore, subscribe to our daily eNewsletter or follow us on your favourite social media platforms.


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