YouTubers Are Shooting Out the Copyright Policies To Make Their Wallet Chunky

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The all-time famous video sharing platform Youtube has got its own scrupulous copyright policies, and we all are more familiar with that. However, those fervid Youtube video makers have picked up an uproarious lucrative strategy to make up their wallet chunky.

Recently Youtubers had got into the clutches of copyright issues while posting China-based TikTok revert videos. Tiktok is nothing but the short format video network with a lip-syncing feature, previously known as People not knowing the underlying copyright claims, randomly select any of the trending TikTok clips, do modifications on it to come up with a reaction or commentary on them. Still, all those TikTok videos has got instrumental music in the background from artists who have signed to prominent players like Sony and Warner. Consequently, those mighty production groups have desperately issued copyright infringements, thus banning creators from monetizing their videos.

As explained above, it is the big picture of the problem for Youtubers to make some funds through their video clip. There are about two copyright policies mentioned in TikTok.


Pitchfork explains it as one, “The right to public performance (the composition of the song, which is typically owned by the songwriter or their publisher)” and two, “the right to mechanical reproduction (the recording itself), usually owned by the label.”

So to overcome this, funny trick the video makers use here is just singing by their own vocal cords without any instruments in the background ducking the copyright issues, which is as close to the one of a cappella cover of church choirs. The art of giving a snappy comeback of popular songs or the movie trailers has become a fancy trend now. People barely do this just to count on some pennies in their pocket. Nonetheless, everyone uploading a new video are getting seriously dismayed by Youtube’s copyright monitoring algorithm.

Well-known Youtubers like Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner had successfully replaced their own voice Cappella cover with the TikTok music. This escape clause in the technicality of the Youtube copyright system has to be ruled out and exerted. So by this funny yet smart trick finally paves the way to monetize their video. As a matter of fact, these production companies cannot claim copyright or royalties. What’s even more surprising is that even Youtube’s automated copyright checking tool cannot recognize copyrighted content.

Fair Use Policy to rule out Demonetization

Youtube for years recommending video creators for fair use of copyright policy to avoid demonetization and penalties. If at all the legal owner of any creative elements present in the video issued a takedown notice or claim with the breach of copyright policy then Youtube will have the most power to sue the creator. The proceedings will effect in demonization for the creator and also the accumulated profits from the ads would be credited to the copyright owner.

Rules seem to be Uptight right? Yep!!

TikTok videos turned as the best illustrations to copyrights infringement! as the content contains only 10 seconds of music that too tied up with the copyrights of famous brands.


Not only TikTok creators found this tricky escapism but the gaming creators also find this lucrative gimmicks to monetize their creations. It is an open and compelling call to Youtube’s Content ID and copyright system to clarify and ratify the same.


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