With New eCommerce Platform Mukesh Ambani Locks Horns With Flipkart And Amazon

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India’s the largest business group, Reliance Industries (NSE: RELIANCE) is all set to lock horns with Flipkart and Amazon with soon-to-be-launched a new age eStore! Aimed at bolstering the small retailers, this business is against the “data colonisation” by foreign businesses, as stated by Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Industries has aced well in the retail business. The kind which goes on to be known as “Name it, we do it“. Spanning across industries like apparels, lifestyle, connectivity, petrochemicals, electronics, it has been the largest in business both in terms of generating revenue as well as userbase.

According to reports, this new eCommerce platform will be governed by the collaboration of Reliance’s Retail subsidiary and telecom unit Jio. Not that there hasn’t been any sort of speculation doing rounds about any possible business as such, this attempt of bringing in both offline and eCommerce spectrum on an integrated platform is more like double truffle cake for Ambani, while a double whammy for rival platforms like Flipkart or Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)!

Such a platform being introduced in the Indian market is sure to unleash some extreme disruption in the retail sector, and all in a good note for Reliance can perhaps boost the largest revenue potential for the business.

Reliance’s Bruising and Battering Foray:

The whole buzz of retail business has been, on a biased note, inclined towards Amazon and Walmart acquired Flipkart – India’s largest acquisition ever. However, looks like, with the whole lobbying going on against revised regulations between the two retail giants following the Foreign Direct Investments, disruption will be ushered in by the Ambani-led Firm! Known to have cornering major incumbents in the Telecom space, Reliance is getting war-ready to precede new guidelines in the retail business, in which Amazon and Flipkart were not even considered as a part.

According to revised norms set by Foreign Direct Investment, the operation model inculcated by Amazon and Flipkart will be altered to an extreme level. Apparently, till now, Amazon and Flipkart own wholesale entities that provide goods to retailers and merchants. These merchants, in turn, sell the products on the eCommerce platforms. However, according to new regulations, no seller shall be allowed to source more than 25 per cent of its services from any company over a foreign-funded marketplace. This lands both the foreign-funded business giants in hot waters!

However, these restrictions stand void and null when it comes to any new Indian marketplace established in the country. Hence, Reliance is safe from these rules since it is an Indian company. This has been further stated valid by a noted analyst at Forrester Research, dubbed as, Satish Meena. Having the whole liberty to control the supply of goods and services in its marketplace, Reliance is bound to head the safe haven, benefitting the most out of it.

What remains under speck of clouds is that given that Reliance’s overwhelming revenue is generated mostly out of its oil products, can its eCommerce business match the customer satisfaction level gained by Amazon and Flipkart?

Empowering Home Grown eCommerce Platform!

This novel project will empower 1.2 million shopkeepers in Gujarat, making it digital to a whole new level. Apparently, the reason Mukesh Ambani has chosen Gujarat to be it’s base quarters is that that’s where Reliance has grounded its roots and has been constantly, up the beam.

Reliance Industries Limited has been planning to enable small-scale retailers, primarily, small-shop owners to grow in the same way to that of large eCommerce players in the space. In a quite ethical approach, it aims at employing ‘merchant point of sale’ in these small retail owners. Primarily focusing on the above-mentioned strategy, it shall make them able enough to manage digital records, inventories, upscaling working capital in an effective way, customer retention as well as earning customer loyalty etc.

Trying to gauge the whole stratagem of how it shall sow its first seed, Reliance Jio plans at introducing 5G plans to around 5100 Jio Point stores across 5000 towns in the country which, in close collaboration with Retail sect of Reliance shall invest and profit capital through this eCommerce platform. This platform will cater to customers with its unlimited slot of fashion garments, food products, electronics, and all that jazz. Apart from this, financial services shall also be available.

The best part of the plan is that this plan somehow is a harbinger of good times – Enabling people to shop online without internet access. It is aimed at reaching remote villages, enabling people who have never shopped online before, to finally have a taste of eCommerce.


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