The Leaked Specification Of OnePlus 7: Next In Line To Use Pop-up Selfie Cameras

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News regarding one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year seems to be finally out. OnePlus has been one of the fastest growing players in the premium segment of the smartphones ever since its launch. And right now, we are awaiting its next model, the OnePlus 7. Rumours and leaks have started feeding us with information regarding the specifications of OnePlus 7, along with design elements. Let us look at this news in a little more detail.

OnePlus 7: Different From The Previous Models?

The OnePlus has won over the hearts of critics and consumers alike with everything that it offers. Apart from a seamless, interruption-free performance, the one thing that all One Plus smartphones excel in is their cameras. The One Plus cameras have been earning rave reviews over the years. The quality offered by their cameras is at par with the quality offered by the industry grade photographic equipment at the same price.

Hence, the OnePlus models always try to outdo their previous models over the quality and features offered by their camera. This year seems to be no different either. An image leaked by SlashLeaks gives us a view of the top of the phone along with some packaging.


What’s noticeable here is that OnePlus 7 has ditched the notch completely at the front. There seems to be space up there for a motorized pop-up selfie camera like the ones already seen in the likes of Vivo Nex and Honor Magic 2.

The notch-less screen goes with the OnePlus 7 concept leaked in November last year. However, we are yet to see whether the other features mentioned there are going to make the cut in the final product or not. One of the rumoured features is expected to be a third camera sensor added to the rear-facing camera sensors. If the rumours are to be believed, this is going to give the phone 24-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 8-megapixel triple rear cameras with support for 4K slow motion video shooting!

OnePlus 7 Specifications Which Have Made The Cut

Regardless of the rumours making round, there is at least some concrete and verified news regarding the highly anticipated smartphone. One of them is the processing power; OnePlus 7 is indeed going to be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 855 processor from Qualcomm. In addition to this, we know for a fact that the company is going to release a 5G enabled smartphone by the end of May this year. Hence, it is indeed possible that the 5G could be introduced in one of the variants of OnePlus 7.

Release Date of OnePlus 7

While everything is sourced from various rumours and leaks, there is no official confirmation on when the smartphone is going to be released. If we use the release schedule of OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T as a reference, we can expect the smartphone to be released at around May this year. Considering OnePlus is looking to strengthen its market presence in 2019, it would definitely launch two variants of upcoming OnePlus devices this year, and that may lead us to see the launch of OnePlus 7T later this year as well.


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