Consumers Are Now Seeking Brand Transparency On Social Media, More Than Ever Before! [REPORT]

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If asked to conjure up a position for yourself, where you can decide the value noteworthy brands bring to the world, which one would be the first-rate attribute? What exactly would you want most from the companies you support? Is it the brand’s ability to cater more audience? Or is it the brand’s right stuff, working in to deliver best customer service?

Turns out, Transparency regarding their products and services tops the list!

Not a supposititious answer, this has been confirmed by Sprout Social. The Analytics company has recently released a survey report wherein it clearly propounds transparency has been the most sought after reason which can establish stronger loyalty from customers. The survey covered a mass of 1000 consumers of the US landscape and had a thorough rundown through consumer expectation and the role of social media in brand leveraging.


What Consumers Seek From Brands?

Consumers want brands to be active on social media and in addition, they want them to be supportive. According to the survey report, respondents seek brands to respond to questions and join in various conversations.

A staggering 81 percent, that accounts to more than three-quarters of the consumers concur that brands must be transparent on social media.

Researchers from Parature, a Microsoft owned company in the 2014 State of MultiChannel Customer Service report, found that of the 1,000 customers they surveyed upon, 35 percent people resorted to asking customer questions on their social media handle. Out of this, 51 percent said that getting a response from the brands help them outline and mould favourable point of view about the brand.

Millenials Behind Steering Wheel

According to the Morning Consult survey, millennials who are thought to lead the way and can hold brands accountable to have a grab for cost and quality. About 90 percent of respondents have agreed on the fact that service, thus provided, are justified when it comes to price since the quality is good.

Millenials today are quite keen when it comes to their expectations and needs. Apparently, the survey finds that millennials have been prioritizing the ability or chance of anything impactful that can be done for them.  They want companies to be absolutely honest about their efforts and many initiatives which are aligned on the to-do list.

Making Brand Transparency, Transparent Enough

“Transparency” is the term which when asked respondents to associate with, they seem to answer “clear”, “straight-forward” and “honest.” Meanwhile, the survey report suggests that the lack of transparency has been made distinctly outlined by marking phrases like  “ignoring customer questions”, “withholding information,” and “ignoring employee questions.”

According to the revelations, 86 percent of consumers have admitted that brand transparency is the need of the hour and is considered very important. This openness has somehow motivated people to give second chances for, say, bad experiences. This being said, about almost three-quarters of consumers are willing to pay for products from brands that are transparent. Apart from this, there are half of the respondents who’d recommend the specific company to kith and kin. Half of the consumers even concur with the idea that all the companies should be transparent and that, it should be an unavoidable obligation


Brands shouldn’t regard transparency as any mere tactic or any manipulation. Instead, given today’s scenario, brands at each level should integrate with consumer definition of branding and allow itself to settle, while keeping its social media presence game stronger than ever!


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