The Best Smartphone of 2017: Google Pixel 2 Is Readers’ Choice [POLL]

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The year is coming to an end and all the major smartphone manufacturers have placed their bet. Therefore, there could be no better time than now to ask people to rate the best smartphone of 2017. while the speculations and expectations were really high from Apple considering it’s the 10th anniversary of iPhone, the list of best smartphones 2017, as rated by readers, has surprised us to a certain extent.

Two weeks back we asked our readers to select the best smartphone of 2017 by participating in an online poll. We received encouraging response from 4,840 participants across all of our social media platforms in the first week of November. From the responses collected, it is clear that the pre-sales glimpse of Apple iPhone X has failed to lure customers, at least by until now. The equations may change after few days as customers have started receiving iPhone X only from November 3.

The biggest surprise came in the form of Google Pixel 2 series devices launched this year. Despite sporting a single-lens camera Google Pixel 2 is creating more excitement among people than Samsung Note 8 or iPhone X. In fact, the recent news of various issues with Google Pixel 2, started cropping up recently, didn’t deterred respondents from rating it the best smartphone of 2017.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however, emerged as a strong competitor for the crown for Google Pixel 2. With nearly 35% participants rating it as the second most popular smartphone of 2017, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still one of the best smartphones in the above $800 price segment.

The much awaited 10th anniversary iPhone from Apple, iPhone X, has received the lukewarm response from our readers, mostly the movers and shakers of the industry. With just 11.5% respondents rating it as the best smartphone of 2017, Tim Cook and team must be disappointed by the result.

Best Smartphone of 2017: All About Camera And Price

One of the biggest reasons behind Google Pixel 2 taking the crown of best smartphone of 2017, is the unmatched camera quality and jaw-dropping pricing strategy. In DXOMark ratings, Google Pixel is rated the highest with 98 points, more than Apple iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 that have scored 97 and 98, respectively.

The price is top rated smartphones of 2017 is another important factor that has apparently helped readers to see greater ROI in Google Pixel 2 devices. Unlike Apple iPhone X that starts from $999 Google has tagged Pixel 2 starting from $649. A clear difference of more than  33% in price between these two much-anticipated devices played a decisive factor in ratings.

It’s important to mention that most of the responses received, either in favour or against iPhone x, were before iPhone X started reaching to people’s hand. Therefore, it’s quite safe to assume that people’s view may change as they start spending more time with the device. It would be interesting to see which way will camel sit once again after few days when people will have enough hands-on experience with iPhone X.



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