92% of iPhone Users to Stay Loyal: Will Buy iPhone Only In The Next 12 Months [STUDY]

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is known for the introducing best in class products, be it iPod, iPad or iPhone. That’s the very reason most of the Apple users stay glued to Apple ecosystem for a very long time; in most of the case, forever. Interestingly, the satisfaction level is even gone higher as 92% of iPhone users who are ‘somewhat or extremely’ likely to go for an upgrade in the next 12 months are willing to stay loyal to Apple, claims AppleInsider citing a new report published by the investment banking firm Morgan Stanley.

The report, based on Morgan Stanley’s AlphaWise survey, highlights that Apple is way far ahead of the pack in terms of customer loyalty. The arch rival Samsung scored 77% in brand loyalty survey, followed by LG and Motorola with 59% and 56% retention rate, respectively. 

Indeed it’s a big boost for Tim Cook & Team who are staring to comparatively low sales of iPhone in its fiscal 2017, ahead of the launch of the successor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September.

Though the survey report doesn’t mention any specific version of iPhone, users are willing to upgrade to; Morgan Stanley looks quite optimistic about the success of the upcoming iPhone. Therefore, it addresses the first quarter after the launch of the upcoming iPhone as a super cycle.

The result of AlphaWise survey highlights one more crucial fact – Apple iPhone users are more confident about the success of the upcoming iPhone. The brand loyalty of iPhone users has increased to 92% from 86% during the same time last year.

Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhone this year – iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 – to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone more memorable. The company is leaving no stone unturned to make the new iPhones – especially iPhone 8 – more adorable and wannabe.

Such efforts, however, is reportedly resulting in higher cost of iPhone. We earlier mentioned that Apple has reportedly decided to price tag iPhone 8 with $1000 and more. Though there is no official statement from Apple on the price, analysts have started suspecting if Cupertino-giant could replicate the success of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the super cycle period.

Amid to such price dissatisfaction and concerns, the findings of AlphaWise survey push Tim Cook and Team in a little comfort zone. Despite declining sales of iPhone Apple recorded higher than expected profit in its fiscal Q2 2017, ended in March. Besides, Apple’s cash reserve also surpassed $250 billion, good enough to buy the world’s top 10 most valued startups or nearly half of Facebook or one-third of Google or nearly 50% share of Microsoft in an all-cash deal. Apple has also added another feather to its cap as it became the first technology company to touch the valuation of $800 billion.

Rumours are making rounds on the internet about Apple launching the best iPhone the company has made ever in 2017. In a bid to make the upcoming iPhone more innovative that could live up to the expectations of the users, Apple may introduce features that might not have been experienced by smartphone users ever. Albeit, this could cause some delay in launching the new iPhone.


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