Happy Birthday Satya Nadella: An Inspirational Leader Yet Lifelong Learner

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Growth is constant and indeed it is been the law of nature and mother earth is been evident of this fact. Learning is one of the means to attain growth, development, and welfare. Keeping learning as a passion more than a priority the man passed successful two plus decades with the software giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). And taking over only as the third CEO of the firm Satya Narayana Nadella is been the inspirational leader of the Microsoft community.

Date of Birth: 19 August 1967

Net Worth: Unknown


On the occasion of his 48th birth anniversary here are few less known facts about the leader and his path traversed.

  1. Prior joining Microsoft he was among the technical staff at Sun Microsystems. Being an enthusiastic learner he earned his Electrical Engineering degree from Mangalore University, Karnataka, India. Further, he got his Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 1992, when he received his job offer from Microsoft he was about to pursue his MBA degree from University of Chicago. His relentless will to learn more did not keep him away from getting his Management degree along with working for Microsoft he flew to Chicago on Friday nights to attend classes and flew back. The two and half years of hectic schedule got an MBA degree.
  2. “Satya was always the guy who listened to really understand and learn and hence he became the only internal choice as CEO,” says Balke Irving who runs GoDaddy when approached for the internal choice for replacement of Steve Ballmer in late 2013. In Irving’s words, Satya has got the perfect combination of business smarts with technical chops to get the right personality.
  3. Being a Microsoft CEO he always have a thirst for knowledge and learning new things. He described himself to be a lifelong learner in his first email to Microsoft employees. His collection of books is huge and the number of online courses he has registered to including neuroscience is more than what he can finish apparently. During his helm at Microsoft Satya formulated “data culture for everyone,” it is been the Microsoft’s data platform for ambient intelligence.
  4. Cricket is been his favorite sport and the source of inspiration. One of the incidents while playing cricket during his school days for Hyderabad Public School as bowler he delivered ordinary balls but soon the captain took over the bowling and set the things right and gave him back bowling for the next over. The true leadership qualities of the captain inspired him a great deal and he derives motivation from the incident today while leading his team.
  5. “Bing” a web search engine from Microsoft is one of the projects of Satya Nadella. He takes the credit of saving the Microsoft search engine as it is powerful and large than its predecessor Live Search it also endorses the artificial intelligence software Cortana. He leads the Microsoft cloud operations and has provided MS Azure platform an edge over the major cloud competitors like Google, IBM, and Apple.
  6. As an approach to fulfill the purpose of Microsoft “the power of office everywhere to everyone, on every device” one of the significant achievements by Microsoft under Nadella in the recent days is been re-inventing Office on iOS and Android platforms for free. Office Apps have been featured among the Top 10 Best Productivity Apps with 4+ rating.
  7. Though, Satya Nadella did not had any prior experience of being a CEO he successfully got over the race against rest of the candidates to become the third CEO of the software giant Microsoft after Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.
  8. With his father B.N. Yugandhar being a retired elite Indian Administrative officer also served as a member of planning commission during 2004-2009 under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Through his father, Nadella still roots to the village Nadella in Rayala Seema from where the family derives the surname.
  9. In few months after Nadella took over as CEO, Gates in one of the interviews told he’s happy about Nadella’s work and his new sense of energy. He also told taking Office to make it better by introducing long-promised features like “Delve” that helps the user to strain out all data stored across multiple Microsoft products to find what they need and he finds Nadella to be moving towards this. Finally, in September 2014 Microsoft rolled out the new feature “Delve.”

“You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you’re successful, sometimes your not, but it’s the average that counts.”

The above words of lifelong learner depict him and his everlasting passion for learning. With amazing ventures under his arm and a true inspirational leader for his team and lots to give out to the community it is been a small endeavor to grace his birthday occasion.


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