Microsoft Is Now In Elite $2 Trillion Club, Narrowing The Gap With Apple

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Microsoft has secured a page in history books by becoming only the second US-based publicly traded company that has hit the market cap of $2 trillion. With the feat, Microsoft joins Apple to be a member of the $2 trillion elite club.

On Tuesday, the stock value of Microsoft jumped 1.2% in the anticipation of strong performance by the company that is betting big on Cloud Computing and Enterprise software. The jumped helped the heavyweight of the industry has been constantly putting an excellent show to attracted more eyeballs of investors and market traders.

The jump in Microsoft’s stock value came after the news of Satya Nadella, the driving force behind Microsoft’s impressive performance since 2014, getting elevated to Chair position in the board of the company.

Microsoft Valuation: The Big Picture

  • Microsoft’s stock price jumped 1.2% on Tuesday.
  • Apple is the only US company that is a member of $2 trillion club.
  • Saudi Aramco also became a part of $2 trillion club in December 2019 but failed to sustain the growth.
  • Microsoft’s market valuation is now $2 trillion with 24.1 million shares being traded each day.
  • Microsoft’s share price has jumped 19% so far this year, outperforming Apple and Amazon.
  • Microsoft’s impressive third-quarter result of fiscal 2021 beat the market expectations.
  • It took Microsoft 33 years to hit $1 trillion valuation. Another $1 trillion was added in valuation in just 2 two years.
  • With $2.24 trillion market valuation Apple is the world’s most valuable publicly listed company now.
  • Saudi Aramco is now a $1.9 trillion company.
  • Amazon and Alphabet are the other two US companies that may soon join $2 trillion club. Their market valuation of $1.8 trillion and $1.6 trillion respectively.
  • The Cloud Computing division is driving the growth of Microsoft. The division accounted for 33.8% of the company’s total revenue in 2020.
  • The division recorded 24% growth in revenue in 2020.
  • Microsoft escaped the scrutiny from regulators, unlike Apple, Google and Facebook. This has helped the company to be bullish about the acquisition and strengthening its market position globally.

Microsoft $2 Trillion Club: Food For Thought

The leadership style of Satya Nadella is bearing fruits for Microsoft like never before. Since the day he took charge as CEO, the stock value of Microsoft has recorded jaw dropping 636% growth, forcing his critics go silent.

Despite impressive growth in Cloud and Enterprise segment, Microsoft has failed to make a presence in the fast-growing social media and mobile industry. The repeated failed attempts made by Microsoft in past has left many investors wondering about the future growth of the company, especially when mobile and social media is being touted as the next big thing.


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