Why Is The World Seeking 5G Network Technology ?

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Mobile traffic is tremendously increasing worldwide which has threatened to carrier operators to provide a better users experiences. A report states that ‘mobile traffic‘ is doubling every year in US –Netflix alone accounts for 20% of total traffic in the country—and indeed, it’s not possible for 4G wireless carriers to provide a better users’ experiences. However, wireless carriers are still not offering any nefarious claims even of having traffic overburden. Last week, a ‘NYU showcase research’ was conducted by various professors related to different fields at Manhattan’s Greenwich Village over the topic “Beyond 4G: The Future of Wireless”, where most of participants were in the support of motion to launch 5G technology, especially in those countries where mobile data traffic is worsening day-over-day.

Head of Center for Wireless Internet Communication and Advanced Technology (WICAT)—Ted Rappaport—said, “You’ve got someone trying to use Netflix with a modern phone, and then you have someone else who’s got an old phone and whenever they use their phone, it clogs up the network.”

The consumption patterns and behaviors of folks towards the use of Smartphones and Tablets are not going to be changed. The penetration of Smartphone and Tablet have extensively augmented worldwide mobile traffic. Currently, these devices are often being used by folks for massive data transmission and reception especially in video sharing and online TV viewing. Undoubtedly, heavy- data activities require more bandwidth or wireless spectrum. In the U.S., Federal agencies such as the ‘Department of Homeland security’ and the ‘department of defense’ are using a major portion of spectrum, and limited range of frequencies have been left for users. However, there is an option that Wireless carriers do share their bandwidths. The research elaborates that if two identical carriers merge, then capacity of channel could be quadrupled, and of course, users will have twice bandwidth compare to previous one.

While we are talking about some emerging markets such as  India, where 4G wireless technology is yet to implement, it is indeed redundant to talk about the implementation of 5G. Most of the cellular towers in the country are still running on diesel generators. In this condition, if we are talking about service quality then it would be chaotic. Users are still struggling to get proper network in different locations of the country. Despite there is a possibility to access the rich user content even of having low spectrum. However, telecom regulator are planning to launch 4G services across the country later this year. One thing is quite clear that the country like India, where folks do not bother about the quality of services. Despite of all these, India showed off 87% Y/Y growth in last year, shipped 11.2 million smartphones.

According to a recent report, over 3 billion new mobile connections will be added by the end of Q1 this year. If mobile devices connections are increasing with the similar fashion worldwide, definitely, a major challenge related to mobile data consumption will take place this year onward. It’s is speculated that the demand of low-priced Tablets and Smartphone is going to outburst especially in the emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Russia, and more. But, we have limited bandwidth for the data transmission and reception. Really, it’s the time to implement 5G technology, especially in those countries where Smartphone and Tablet markets have become quite matured to sustain a better user experience.



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