Amazon Appstore Generates Three Folds More Revenue Than Google Play Store: [STUDY]

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Undoubtedly, we should accept the myth that iOS and Android platform have created a renaissance among professional app developers. There are more than 550,000 apps in the Apple App Store and over 25 billion apps have been downloaded till end of February this year. Likewise, Google also announced that it had surpassed 10 billion apps download by December last year, besides, 1 billion apps are being  downloaded every month.

App markets are getting more mature day-over-day, a large number of starts-ups are incredibly increasing in the markets and endeavoring to generate a higher revenue. A research analysis firm—Flurry—has reportedly stated that there are an average of 11 million daily active users worldwide, by combining of iOS, Amazon and Android’s daily active app users.

The firm has examined top-ranked apps developed by these giants (Apple, Google, and Amazon), and compared their revenues from mid January till the end of February this year (over a 45 days period).

The firm took the revenue generated by iTunes App Store as benchmark level –setting it to 100%–, and compared rest (Amazon and Android’s apps revenue) with the total revenue of iOS based apps. After subtle investigation, Amazon’s Appstore revenue per active user was 89% of Apple’s iTunes App Store, while, Google’s Play revenue per active user was just 23% of iTunes App Store revenue.

In other way, for the same number of users, if Apple generates $1.00 from its iTunes App Store, then, Amazon fetches  just $0.83, while, Google Play Store app makes $0.24.  It’s quite well-known that Amazon has not included Google Play Store in its Kindle Fire Tablet. Amazon has integrated its own services in the Kindle Fire Tablet. Flurry has revealed that Amazon has created three times more revenue from its Appstore than Google Play Store during the investigation period.

It’s no wonder that Apple is generating the highest revenue-per-square from its retail store as well as the iTunes Store worldwide. However,  Amazon has succeeded to generate such revenue from its Appstore due to its one-click purchase, perfect online shopping with data efficiency and extra-ordinary integrated customers’ service. Like Amazon and Apple,  Google has also its own strength, it is known for online search engine and advertising technology. However, Google is nascent in aspect of running a retail or digital stores  compare to its rival such as Apple and Amazon.

I accept the logic that revenue generation determines the potential of the company. If any company is generating more revenue from its apps, then obviously, it will lure more numbers of developers towards its platform across the world. At present, Samsung is also trying to do the same what Amazon is currently doing–bifurcated the Google’s services such as Google Play Store and more from its Android powered Kindle Fire Tablet. Undoubtedly, Samsung is the largest OEM of Android OS worldwide, if the company will fork Goggle’s integrated services, it will definitely affect to Google app revenue generation.


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