Majority of iPad Users Are Not willing To Upgrade For Apple’s New iPad ( iPad 3)

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Apple released its revolutionary new iPad on March 7 this year and the company revealed at its “Apple conference Call” this month that it sold over 3 million Tablets just in three days after its release. Indeed, the outstanding features of the Tablet is compelling  folks to own the device. The demand of iPad 3 is especially high among the tech savvy and youths folks. Recently, a research analysis firm “Baird Equity” has surveyed a group of 488 tech-savvy users aged 18-34 years worldwide, among all, 24% of US respondent were more interested to purchase the new iPad in the next three months, while 29% international respondent (included in the survey) responded to buy the new Tablet. The firm has also stated that 48% respondent worldwide said that they already owned the iPad 2, while remaining folks across the world told that the purchase is their first Tablet.

Besides, 15% of US respondents and 22% of International respondent –those who took part in the survey–said that they are planning to purchase an iPad 2 at the new discount price offered by the company. Even, 59 Kindle Fire owners who participated in  the survey also planned to purchase an iPad in the next three months.

Despite of all these,  a majority of users are still not willing to upgrade for Apple’s new iPad. Do You think, why they don’t like to own the new iPad? The reasons are quite obvious why the users are not interested to own the device; first the device is occupied with severe overheating problem, reported by Engadget. The temperature of the new Tablet reached to 33.6 degree centigrade which is higher than the 28.3 degree centigrade of predecessor iPad 2. In addition to this, there are some other issues related to iPad 3 such as Wi-Fi connectivity problem, third-party docking, more spaces consumption due to HD surpportivity, fragile body structure, heavier than the predecessors (iPad or iPad 2), and quick depletion of 4G connectivity.

Undoubtedly, the high-resolution screen display, quad-core processor, and 4G connectivity which are the some features which makes the new iPad more competitive than existing iPads. Despite of all these, the folks more interested to stay with iPad 2 due to numbers of issues rose with new iPad during the last couple of weeks.



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