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Are iPhone 4S Users Really Using Siri To Drive Other Services ? [Study]

Apple launched iPhone 4S in October last year, which is considered as one of the most innovative products of the company till date. The most extraordinary feature of iphone 4S is Siri (a voice recognition application). The Smartphone helped the company to sell over 37 million units of iPhones just in Q4 (calendar) last year. A research consulting group “Park Associate” has reportedly stated to WSJ that  87% of Apple iPhone 4S consumers use at least one feature of “Siri” every month. The consulting firm surveyed 482 owners of the iPhone 4S–who carried the only device for the services. It’s well known that Siri could perform a number of tasks from searching for information to sending email or even scheduling the meeting by voice whenever requires. The report from the consulting firm has also explained that one-third of iPhone 4S owners use Siri for sending text messaging, to place Phone calls or seeking for information almost daily.

Besides all these, 32% and 35% of iPhone 4S users–who took part in the survey–said that they had never used Siri to perform the actions such as playing Music and scheduling meeting respectively. Among all, 30%  said that they had never used the app to send an email, on the contrary, 26% said, they used the app for sending email ‘daily’ or ‘almost daily’.

The consulting firm also revealed that the users who used “Siri” regularly they were stirred up with strong emotion towards the app. According to report, 55% of iPhone 4s users said that they were satisfied with Siri, while 9% were unsatisfied, and remaining users were in between the two boundaries (satisfied or unsatisfied). Only 37% of iPhone owners among all 482 participants said they would like to have voice-command on their television set, while,  20%  owners were against it. Indeed, it’s astounding me a lot that the majority of users were not interested in Siri to be implemented on their television sets.


Anyway, the intention of the consulting firm is quite obvious that the firm has elaborated the perceptions of users towards the voice activated technology. Definitely, the information will be fruitful for consumers’ electronics companies those are currently planning to integrate the voice activated technology into their devices.

By Abhishek Singh

An Engineering Graduate, Fervent Industry Analyst, passionate about mobile, innovative technologies and Entrepreneurship.

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