Will Google’s “Assistant” Be A Viable Contender Of Apple’s Siri?

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Apple had introduced its voice recognition app “Siri” last year, which has proven itself worldwide. Undoubtedly, Siri has recorded runaway success across the world and also considered as best voice recognition app ever till date. Last year, it was reportedly stated that Google was working on an artificial intelligence system in its top secret lab—Google X– in order to make more competitive voice recognition app—Majel. Apple integrated Siri into its revolutionary iPhone 4S. Indeed, the human like interaction and real time response has made distinct to the voice recognition app than other voice recognition apps. There is a question, is “Siri” really a best voice recognition app? A recent rumors has stated that Google is going to launch its voice recognition app—Assistant—in Q4 this year. However, the new app apparently resembles to Majel, and possibly, Assistant is the same project that Google had started last year in order to assert “Siri”.

Google is quite aware with the threat of Siri worldwide and the company will definitely try to make better voice recognition than Siri. Google’s new voice recognition app will have some additional features along with the features of Siri.  “Assistant” will not just a tool to retrieve and send back the information to users but it will do more—it will be helpful for users to achieve their goal.

The voice Assistant is going to be launched in Q4 this year. It will be integrated into Gmail, Google search, and Google+ for information.  Google is well known for searching and integration of Assistant will definitely provide more experience to users. Ueser will get more relevant information on Assistant than Siri that they are inquired for.

It’s pretty known that Apple’s Siri has got more recognition due to its ability to interact like human rather than lifeless robots. Despite of all these, Siri is occupied with some sort of limitations and Google could take the advantage of the app’s weakness. Google has recently changed its privacy policy, and will definitely bring Assistant under the same umbrella.



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