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Google Assistant vs Alexa: The Battle Of 100 Million Devices

Google Assistant vs Alexa
Regardless of the fact that voice assistants have been around for some time, it is only now that the people are truly starting to accept them. Interestingly, despite growth in adoption rate, there are only two major players in this market space - Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. And both of them showing signs of expanding consumer base...

Worldwide Smart Speaker Market: Installed Base To Hit 100 Million In 2018

smart speaker market
Smart speakers are the ongoing craze these days with many brands dipping their feet in the smart speaker market. According to Canalys, the smart speaker installed base is expected to cross the 100-million barrier by the end of 2018. This is 2.5 times bigger than the installed base reported at the end of 2017. The growth in smart speaker...

Microsoft Is Gearing Up To Challenge Apple, Google And Amazon, Once Again

microsoft cortana smart speaker
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is clearly trailing in the smart speaker wars yet it is not failing to make subsequent strides in that realm. The Redmond giant is teaming up with ODM Quanta to create its own Cortana smart speaker, reports German website Winfuture.de. The device is in an early stage of development and will be powered by Snapdragon 212 SoC.A smart...

Google Duplex Could Reinvent The Mobile Communication?

Google Duplex
Today, the AI has evolved beyond setting timers, shopping, or playing music. With Google Duplex the tech giant has, apparently, captured the essence of real AI. Google's AI smarts have outsmarted all other players in the realm, exhibiting jaw-dropping capabilities. In the ongoing Google I/O 2018 developer conference, the company unveiled its major AI developments, but the "Google Duplex"...

Google I/O 2018: AI Takes Over The First Day Highlights

The first day of annual Google I/O developers conference wrapped up promising some groundbreaking developments. CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off his official keynote by recognizing how the company has a "deep sense of responsibility" about the products and services it creates. Big announcements related to Google Assistant, Gmail, Youtube, AI and other Google products started pouring in as the...

The Evolution of Google Assistant: Amazon and Apple Might Be Anxious

evolution of Google Assistant
Google Assistant is soon to come up with new routines and deeper integrations with smartphones and wireless carriers. Google (Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)), apart from hardwiring Assistant directly into the latest Android devices, is also working with other smartphone manufacturers on ways to embed Assistant more elegantly into their devices. Today’s Google Assistant is much more advanced and capable since it...

Amazon Alexa To Drive The Sales of Smart Speakers In 2017, Estimated To Reach 24 Million Units

smart speaker sales Q4 2017
According to a new report by Strategy Analytics, the smart speaker market is booming with impressive sales numbers, thanks in large part to Amazon Alexa and their Echo line of smart speakers.According to report, the sales of smart speakers in Q4 2017 is expected to reach nearly 12 million mark. This would bring up the full year total sales for...

Google Assistant Integrated With Android Pay Revolutionises The Way We Send Money

Android Pay Google Assistant
Google (Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)) announced a slew of new features and partnerships to expand Android Pay's functionality in their bid to create the definitive mobile payment platform. Among all, the most interesting one is the integration of Google Assistant which allows smartphone users to send more in a much faster way.Smartphones today dominate practically every aspect of our lives. They...

Will Google’s “Assistant” Be A Viable Contender Of Apple’s Siri?

Apple had introduced its voice recognition app “Siri” last year, which has proven itself worldwide. Undoubtedly, Siri has recorded runaway success across the world and also considered as best voice recognition app ever till date. Last year, it was reportedly stated that Google was working on an artificial intelligence system in its top secret lab—Google X-- in order to...

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