Apple iPhone Vs Blackberry Vs Android : Resale Value Of Smartphones With Time

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With so many smartphones around the market, it’s really annoying for the consumers who are either planning to buy a new smartphone or are just there in the market and getting into the mind-boggling scenario of buying one with so many options showcased before them. Each And every smartphone manufacturing company is striving hard to acquire maximum smartphone market share and so as to achieve the goal, there are the bunch of smartphones available with respect to the different categories according to their specification,design and market price. Major smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung,HTC,LG etc have variety of android-powered smartphone variants in the market though Apple flagship has few of the soldiers in its camp. Majority of the smartphone consumers buy the devices according to day-to-day requirement like image editing, web surfing, blogging etc. which can be served by the average smartphones but those who want their smartphones to be capable enough of running complex processes like multi-tasking, 3D gaming and high-resolution media streaming, have to buy expensive smartphones with heavy configuration. But there are also the lot of consumers who just keep changing their smartphones  and so have to sell their old mates more often. So for them the resale value of the smartphones is the critical point while buying new devices. So to clear their doubts a little bit and to take some load off their head, here is a study which recently emerged showing the rate of resale value with respect to time and much more.

Some people from Priceonomics are up with a research regarding the comparison of resale value between iPhone,Android and Blackberry smartphones with time. According to the suggested report, Apple iOS has the highest resale value among the three competitors whereas Android-powered devices and Blackberry smartphones have almost same resale values with respect to time. After the duration of 18 months,iPhone owners get 53% of the investment back while reselling their devices, one gets 42% back if he or she sells an Android-powered smartphone and 41% if one is selling the Blackberry device. The resale value of Android powered devices decrease monthly by $18.48 approx. from the first month of purchase whereas $17 and $13.20 approximately are the values in case of Blackberry and Apple iPhone smartphones respectively. Though the study also showcases some the smartphones which are exceptions as HTC Wildfire,Samsung Exhibit 4G,Motorola Triumph etc which can get almost 86% of its cost price back while selling. Graph supporting the above research from Priceonomics are given below :


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