The Who, Why and How: Twitter Facts, Figures And Statistics [Infographic]

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Social media is spreading knowledge globally at the speed of a “Tweet” and provides us all with tools that can enable us to follow our dreams, if only we can capture and heighten that curiosity for knowledge that drives humans to succeed. If you are curious then, social media and the web allows you to tap into global communities of interest and adventure points that can facilitate and enhance your skills, interests and passions.

Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect with your tribe, whether that is in New York, London or Lombok, that can provide stimulation and synergy that will surprise you with its breadth and reach and provide neuron muscle and connect you with your passionate energy that you may not have known you had.

Twitter was launched in 2006; it has tremendous growth around the world. Both private internet users and public corporations have embraced the micro blogging site to share news, photos, links and more. Slow evolution of Twitter frustrates few but its simplicity and immediacy as an open texting service on steroids continue to keep it top of mind in popular digital culture.The real point of interest to watch with Twitter in 2012 will be to see if it rolls out a self-serving ad platform that monetizes its network or whether it will work out another way make its 200 million plus users a revenue machine rather than a money pit!

We explore who uses Twitter and how they use it in the Infographic below.

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