HTC Is The New King Of Smartphone Market: Beats Samsung and Apple in US

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It’s not surprising that Taiwan-based HTC dominates over the US Smartphone market, but it’s a matter of surprise that world’s leading Smartphone company Samsung has slipped to second position followed by Apple at third. It seems that Android’s incredible popularity has dented Apple’s loyal US users which made Apple to rank third in U.S. Smartphone market.

HTC made 10% jump in market share from a year earlier, confines 24% of the world’s Smartphone market in Q3, ahead of Samsung’s 21% market during same duration. While Apple fell to third with 20% market share in Q3, its worst for RIM that has only 9% share in the global Smartphone market.

HTC offers its product at low cost than similar Samsung products, which includes faster processor and high quality cameras. RIM has somehow managed to maintain its market-dignity with the help of strong relationship with US carriers despite of its three days outage in the last month. The RIM’s outage might be responsible for its future break-down in market share but its current 9% market share evidences the strong relationship with corporate clients who might save it from complete sweep.

While having a competitive analysis, RIM’s share has been strictly declined from 24% to 9%, whereas Samsung appreciated from 14% to 21%. The biggest surprise came from Apple who also recorded decline from 26% to 20%. However, HTC leads the way with maximum gain whose market share has jumped from 14% to 24%.

According to Wang Wanli, who rates the stock “buy” at RBS Asia Ltd. in Taipe “Because iPhone 4S wasn’t yet ready during the quarter, there was a window of opportunity for others, and HTC benefited from this”.

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer- Tim Cook- declared that company has sold more than 4 Million units of iPhone 4S in its first weekend of sale begun from Oct.14. However, Apple’s downgraded 3rd position may be the result of Steve Jobs absence who died recent. Company’s shareholders have distracted after Steve Jobs and new CEO of the company is unable to impress these shareholders. Interestingly, many shareholders don’t know much about Tim Cook still.

It’s pretty clear, Android’s popularity has benefited to Samsung and HTC, while California-based Apple has been affected by consumers high-expectations who awaited for the next version of iPhone.

While having a fair comparative analysis on mobile OS market, Android holds 44% of US smartphone market share compare to Apple iOS that has 27% and RIM Blackberry OS with 20%.

It would be interesting to reevaluate the scenario of mobile OS and mobile handset maker market as Nokia and Windows Phone 7 have just debuted in the market. While Nokia will try to regain its lead position, Microsoft will is targeting to replicate the charm of Windows 7 desktop OS in mobile OS market. Personally, I have no doubt that after 2 years of silence and intense home work duo will make competitors to have their foot in their mouth.


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