How Apple Will Revolutionize Television And Auto Industry With ‘Siri’

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Over last one decades Apple has badly disrupted the hope for several companies. It has radically crashed the PC, tablet, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and music industries in a large way. But still it has not stopped; it’s planning to destroy more industries in future by launching several new things loaded with new technologies within three to five years. In coming years it will disrupt two industries mainly: – Television, and Automobile industry.

Television Industry:-

The first industry which Apple will disrupt is television industry. It will shake up the television industry badly just like other PC and consumer Electronics companies are planning to do. It has already speculated that by the end of 2012 or by starting of 2013 Apple will introduced ITV. Currently, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony have tried desperately to influence the television industry by implementing innovative ideas. Last year Google had launched “Google TV” with much more advanced technologies like integrating internet connection for video chat and video channels. In similar manner, Apple is also planning to launch ITv, which will be loaded with such features and several other advanced features also.


In Walter Isaacson’s biography it was mentioned that Steve Jobs has cracked the code for ITV and one should not be surprised to know that in coming days Apple TV will also be loaded with Siri voice comprehension technology and will tie up with its iCloud service. To make it more advance, Apple iTv may have muti-screen feature which will produce content+entertainment together. But it’s a big question whether it will be inside or outside the Apple TV. If Apple succeeds then it will be a commendable attempt and will bring revolution in the field of Television.

Just Imagine a TV which will work on Newton’s third law and locates all version on broadcast, cable, DVR, and online, or ask about cricket match updates. All things will be displayed just with the help of voice.

But the main challenge, Apple will face, is related to its clarity on screen. With the success of Siri in smartphone segment, I am damn sure that Apple will definitely apply Siri in each and every segment of its appliances in future. Which will again highlights Apple as the disruptor.

Auto Industry:-

Auto industry is the second industry which Apple is planning to disrupt in coming years. Currently Microsoft has launched Microsoft sync loaded with voice prompts and commands. But up to some extent its voice UI is bit complicated and difficult to handle.


Now, imagine if Apple starts working directly with auto companies and might be able to get a 7-inch iPad with iOS in to the automobiles, then definitely one will be directly able to get connect with internet while driving. Even to make it further advance, an addition of Siri will definitely transform the way people use vehicles now. One of the most interesting facts is that one can directly listen to all the songs via iTunes and can check the mail at any given point regardless of location and situation. Another important strategy which Apple might adopt would be to make iPhone or iPad the host and car navigation screen as video terminal to display available contents.

Undoubtedly, with the merge of Apple’s technology with above two industry will revolutionaries the whole life of people. This is not only provide an upper hand to Apple but will also take the competition inside the tech industry at much beyond we can imagine ever.

Let’s hope that the gap between technology and human aspect will reduce further and sooner. Do you think that Apple’s initiative and investment towards such thoughts and technology will pay off ? do let us know your views.



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