How Is Microsoft Trying To Flip Over Android And Apple in Smartphone Market

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Microsoft claims that its new Windows Phone 7.5 has hundreds of new features including marvelous speech recognition enhancement. Whether you call or send text to someone, it will happen once you utter and Window Phone 7.5 will follow the instruction whatever you said.

In simple words, Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 will have all features, possessed by Android-based smartphones and iPhones. However, new version-Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 has number of additional features that were unavailable in its previous version, and also, it has approached the market with very attractive black in color and in rectangular shape.

Already, Samsung and HTC have started working with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 as an auxiliary platform, whereas, other manufacturers are expected to follow. It’s really a descent, elegant, fast synchronized and extraordinarily designed mobile OS which has claimed to have everything a user expects now days.

Fairly Known, Microsoft is giant player in software innovation; previously, it came up with fresh metaphor and dominated over market for decade. Here, you can’t say Microsoft as imitator, which extracted the features from iPhone and Android.

The latest version of Microsoft’s window Phone, includes large range of apps, speed dial entry, web page, a broad library of music playlist. Especially, message alert functionality won’t allow you to escape from any alert like voice-mail messages, e-mail messages or apps updates, which are waiting. It contains several tiles in the page like Music tile shows album art, the calendar tiles identifies yours next appointment, and keep you always with the contact of Twitter and Facebook updates.

The latest version can perform multitasking, tethering, unified e-mail in box for multiple accounts, message threading and also twitter integration unlike its previous version. Mango (widely called Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5) provides everything that you want in your Smartphone.

Comparatively, Android has proven itself in Smartphone – dominating over 50% of Global smartphone market – while Apple iPhone 4S seems triumphant worldwide. Android and iPhone have created sound impact in users’ mind resulting in increased demand continuously. Instead, Microsoft has full assurance on success of its new version Window Phone 7.5 because it’s no way inferior compare to competitors with aspect to design as well as features.

Presently, Apple’s software fault – responsible for battery drainage within 12 Hrs and plunged  Market share in US – has created huge opportunity for Microsoft to extend its market. If we consider about patent issues,  Microsoft seems quite stronger with Quanta, Compal and purchase of 882 patent of Novell, which is being considered as a threat to Android manufactures. The patent issues give advantage to Microsoft, and many companies like Samsung,HTC, who works on Android Platform, have already been sold on this.

However, Google has already stretched its sleeves against Microsoft over patent issue and pointed Microsoft’s approach to Android mobile handset manufacturers as threat to industry as well as users.

Microsoft’s multi-dimensional approach, to smartphone market, is ensuring the best possible favorable outcome. Though, it has been little late for the company to place its bet in smartphone OS market, but with such strategy, the ultimate goal of highest revenue acquisition should match – possibly beat – with closest competitor.


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