Is Microsoft Deal The Last Hope For Mozilla Firefox ?

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Mozilla is going through rough track in web browser industry. Its – once much hyped – web browser Firefox is facing tough competition from various other prominent browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft IE and Apple Safari. Market share of Firefox has dipped in last one year which caused the tie up with Microsoft to release a customized version with default browser Microsoft’s Bing. Though, Mozilla has faced criticism for such tie up, it managed to release the Firefox 7.1 based on Bing . This deal might be the last hope for Mozilla to save its browser since its three-year contract with Google is going to expire by next month and less hopes are there for renewal of the contract. At present scenario, none of the two biggies are commenting on the financial terms, but one can be sure that Microsoft is paying Mozilla peanuts.

The non-profit Mozilla Corporation was founded on November 9th, 2004, and most of its revenue comes from contracts with search providers. Currently, most of the revenue for Firefox comes from Google and, as the information reveal by Computerworld, near about 88 percent of revenue for Mozilla had come from Google in 2008.

However, Google’s interest towards Firefox has been subsidized than ever before now because of its own Chrome browser which is accumulating market share significantly and soon it shall surpass Mozilla and become the number one browser. In last one year Mozilla Firefox market share has decreased by 1.21 percent compared to Chrome which has surged 8 percent in last one year. In September 2010, Firefox market share was 23.69 percent which, at present, has dipped to 22.48 percent compared to Chrome which had market share of 8.24 percent last year and gained 8 percent to reach 16.2 percent by September this year, according to Net Applications.

The condition of Firefox has become worse in mobile segment too. Mostly all the mobile OS development companies have got it own mobile browser which comes pre-installed with respective devices. Therefore, none of the mobile users prefer Firefox due to mobile Chrome sitting with Android, safari with iPhones and IE with Windows Phones, lagged Firefox behind.

So the future of Mozilla Firefox is still doubtful ? But Microsoft deal might help Mozilla Firefox till an extent to come back on track and compete with other web browsers. Do you think still there is time for Mozilla to rescue itself ? Do let us know your comments and suggestions below – Might be Mozilla picks up the best !



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