Beware Windows Users: Your Next Download May Be Malicious

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If you are fascinated towards new apps and frequently downloads various tools, components or software from millions of websites for your windows machine then you must be very precautions here after. Recently, Microsoft has claimed that every 14th program downloaded by Windows users turns out to be malicious. The disclosure has put billions of windows users across various platforms at security alert.

In recent time companies have done substantial investment towards security and data protection. All modern browsers and websites are packed with security features desired to steer users away from any unknown and potentially untrustworthy software. However, despite of such security attentiveness and measures, about 5% of users continue to ignore the warnings and got-ahead to download malicious Trojan horse program only to put their confidential data and personal information on risk.

Interestingly, Hackers also understand and study such security measurements. Consequently, the new method known as social hacking is gaining constant popularity to ditch latest security fences. This is how the recent Facebook spam target millions of facebook users worldwide. Hackers tempt users to install or allow access for their malicious software through disguised messages as an interesting story or video about hot news such as death of Osama bin laden. When Symantec tracked the 50 most common malicious programs last year, it found that 56 percent of all attacks included Trojan horse programs.

Hackers have become more target oriented instead of throwing generic malicious software on web. They are adopting the spearphising route to which is meant to design for a specific target or task.

Industry analysts feel that though the open web has become a tough entry gate for hackers, social media has emerged as an alternative and probably the more effective route of such illegal activities – especially in last two years. With the success of Facebook and twitter which holds close to 800 million users together, Hackers are finding it easy to target such huge target numbers through single malicious on social media.

Microsoft is aware about all threats and constantly working on scenarios to reduce the future impact and effectiveness of hackers on its Windows platform. With latest Internet Explorer 9.0 and upcoming Security patch of Windows 7, company is only expecting to control the damages till a greater extent. However, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also need to step up with their security arrangements and data screening to have combined success.


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