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A New Virus Breaches PayPal’s 2FA To Steal All Your Money

If you are one of those active users of PayPal, this could be alarming for you. There's a new trojan virus on the prowl now. And it plans to take all your money away from you through the Paypal app. Let us sit back and look at this digital nuisance a bit more clearly.The most important thing about computer viruses, especially...

The Number of DDoS Attacks Increased By 35% In Q2 2018 [REPORT]

number of DDoS attacks 2018
DDoS attacks are on the rise yet again. The recent report by Verisign indicates the worrisome scenario as there has been a 35% increase reported in the number of DDoS attacks during Q2 2018 as compared to the previous quarter. What is even more concerning is the fact that 62% of those who experienced the DDoS attack in Q2 2018, were targeted...

Ransomware Malware Attacks Are Rising On Android And PC At An Alarming Rate [REPORT]

Ransomware malware affect Android and PC
The numbers of personal computer and mobile users who have been bombarded with ransomware malware have skyrocketed in the recent time according to the latest report by Kaspersky. The figures are alarming and the report reveals the increasing penetration of this malicious malware inside the smartphones.What the hell is Ransomware? It’s a malware that sedates the device, locks it,...

1 in 5 Virus Infected Smartphones Is From India: The Disturbing Realities of Smartphone Security [Analysis]

virus infected smartphones in India
As smartphones have risen in popularity, the price ceiling for getting a smartphone has decreased dramatically. A direct consequence of the steep price drop in hardware along with plummeting data costs for mobile broadband plans means that our handheld companions have become one of the most affordable ways for people across the world to access the Internet. However, the...

Virus, Trojan Horse And Worm Are The World’s Deadliest Security Threats

top online security threats
Security experts have launched a new guide to try to raise awareness about the risks that online users face nowadays.The Ultimate Guide To Security Threats is the brainchild of McAfee and helps the browsing users to be much more aware of the way in which cyber criminals operate – right from sophisticated spear phishers through to serial spammers.The guide offers...

Google Inc. (GOOGL) Bans 192 Chrome Extensions To Ensure Safe Browsing

Google chrome extention
Search kingpin Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has recently banned 192 Chrome extensions that affected almost 14 million Chrome browser users, after a research group from University of California, Berkeley studied the ad injectors and deduced a device that could catch these bad extensions. To make Chrome experience safer, Google is trying to get rid of the 'ad injectors' that hampers searching.Ad...

Top 5 Android Malwares To Be Quarantined Permanently!

Recently the malware threat level is sprouting in the android platform. Hackers are targeting over the Android Platform to steal, earn and even spread Malware. For instance you can take a look back at the 100,000  Android devices in China that were attacked by malware (Trojan). A lot of the developers are still uncomfortable to work on Android Platform.So what are the...

Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Apps For Android Antivirus Security!

Recently the malware threat level is sprouting in the Android platform. Hackers are targeting over the Android Platform to steal, earn and even spread Malware. For instance you can take a look back at the 100,000  Android devices in China that were attacked by malware (Trojan).Android market is has been doubled in Q2, 2012 compare to same time in 2011. In Q2 alone,...

45 Thousands Of Facebook Accounts Under Attack Of Ramnit Worm !

Facebook users need to be more careful; it’s under attack again from a virus known as "Ramnit". It is a worm which is familiarized with the financial industry and is now targeting users of Facebook especially those from France and United Kingdom. Recent report reveals that near about 45 thousands of Facebook users accounts are under attack. So Facebook...

Beware Windows Users: Your Next Download May Be Malicious

If you are fascinated towards new apps and frequently downloads various tools, components or software from millions of websites for your windows machine then you must be very precautions here after. Recently, Microsoft has claimed that every 14th program downloaded by Windows users turns out to be malicious. The disclosure has put billions of windows users across various platforms...

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