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Today Facebook has taken another shift as a part of latest series of rollouts. After complete revamp of personal profile page, company has began rolling out the upgraded page design and while there are mixed responses, it will most likely be seen as a general improvement. Below is a comprehensive guide to the new Facebook pages.

A Complete Revamped Layout

The new Facebook pages layout now resembles places, the upgraded profile, and the site’s homepage, with the navigation bar residing on the left-hand side of the page. With the navigation bar, the awkward line for profile images has also been removed. While the awkward line resulted in a lot of cool Facebook profile photos, the focus will now be on the five photos that reside at the top of the page.

Switch Between Admin And Self

One of the most significant changes to the upgraded Facebook pages is that administrators may now toggle between posting comments as themselves or as a page administrator. This is extremely critical since in the world of social media, adding a face to a brand is critical to make the conversation much more personal. Not that this strategy hasn’t already been implemented in advertising, but now administrators of large branded Facebook pages can have a person-to-person dialogue rather than brands speaking at the customer. This is probably one of the most requested features so it’s great that Facebook has rolled this out.

Included in this functionality is something much more significant: the ability to like and comment on other pages as your page. That means your brand can go engage in conversations on other pages which, despite it probably resulting in an increased volume of page spam, definitely presents a huge promotional opportunity. Navigating around Facebook and posting comments on other brands’ pages as your own brand is a pretty major opportunity.

Transform Facebook Page As Your Personal Profile

If you wish to continue browsing Facebook as your own page there is now a homepage when you switch over to acting as your page. You can then browse through other Facebook pages, upload photos, and do all the activities that an individual can do, only as a page.

Different Photo Banners Model

With the new Facebook profile layout many people began coming up with creative uses of their profile photos, by uploading images that together create a larger image. With this new pages layout it’s not as easy to accomplish,  unfortunately the images will be randomly displayed. Instead of being tagged in photos, you need to upload an album to your page . The end result is that many page administrators may find this to be a great promotional area, however they will not be able to come up with the creative designs like Alexandre Oudin, who came up with the following creative profile when the new layout rolled out:

List of Fans and Likes Notifications

While using your Facebook Page as you profile page, now you can view the list of all fans just like as your connections. Similarly, you can also see the list of notofocations on new likes and comments on your page. Previously there was no feature available which can show comprehensive list of new likes and comments. With such new notification feature on your page, users can have better control over Insights.

Twitter Integration

In the latest update roll out Facebook has also integrated Twitter for auto updates. Any new update on your Facebook Page will automatically be tweeted on your linked Twitter account. Though, there are many third party apps are available for this, root level integration between Facebook page and Twitter is going to have significant impact on your information distribution across media.



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