Social media space has proved to be the most efficient platform for promotion of brands, products and services. Especially, Facebook has provided the most effective platform for brands  to improve the brands reputation and engagement. To make it more effective, company has included several engagement and broadcasting tools that help brand to prejudice the trend and market. Few days back Facebook had introduced a new feature called People Talking About and Enhanced News Feeds.

The new inductions are only proving beneficial for brands they already have substantial market market and have huge Fan base. The newly launched Advanced News Feed benefits only those pages which have more than 100,000 fans or more. An analysis conducted by Edge Rank Checker over 600 Facebook brand pages, which were active during August 19th – September 16th and September 23rd to October 21st, reveals that pages having over 100,000 fans registered a hike of 27.8 percent in likes and comments; where as pages having fans from 10,000 to 100,000 recorded comparatively much lesser hike 8.76 percent.

However, for pages having 1000 fans registered a down fall of 11.64 percent, while others having 1000+ fans have registered a gain of at least 1.76 percent.

Below are the analyzed facts which was conducted over 600 pages during the same period:

  • Views of brand pages on Facebook declined by 22 percent.
  • Nearly 16 percent rise in Likes.
  • Around 14 percent surge in comments.

Advanced News feed has proved beneficial for brands pages having fans above 10,00 and much discouraging for new brands pages. If the trend continues in similar fashion, it will be quite difficult for Facebook to convince the new brands and it may only end up as a lot of struggle.

So, what went wrong with Facebook with its News feed section ? Is Facebook has taken off-focused route for small brands and join the ‘big-to-bigger’ trend. And, in such scenario what will be the best strategy to adopt for such brands to make their social media presence more effective ? Do let us know your views, comments and suggestions in comment box.

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