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Facebook Powers More Than 69% of Social Logins On Mobile Apps And eCommerce Sites [REPORT]

With the exploded adoption of social networks people have started showing their back to traditional online registration process required to log in to online websites and apps. The social networking giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been ruling the social login industry for over 3 years in a row, winning internet users confidence with each passing quarter. It is, however, the...

Social Login Trends 2014 – 2015: Facebook And Google Authenticate 80% Login [REPORT]

Social Login Trends Over the Years
Since its introduction, users have always favored social login options over traditional sign ups or logins. In the latest Social Login Trend report of Q1 2015 released by Janrain, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) dominated the internet as the top choices for third-party social logins across different industries.Right from 2004, Janrain – a social login management company...

Google+ Narrows In On Facebook For Share Of Social Logins During Q4 2014: LinkedIn Most Popular In B2B Segment !

social login share leading networks Q4 2014
Social sites are no more just a platform for getting in touch with family and friends or to interact with acquaintances. They have, in addition to the above, come to be known as opportunities for business owners for improving their online presence. Most website owners have now started using social logins and social sites to enhance their online presence and...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Authenticated Nearly Half Of Social Logins In Q3 2014 [STUDY]

Social-Login-Trends 2009 - 2014
People love it, hate it but they just can't ignore Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). This has been proved once again after the recent statistics on Social Login Trend Q3 2014 is out. Despite all privacy concerns and reports on young internet users abandoning Facebook, Facebook once again emerged as the most favorite social login provider among internet users in the...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Beats Google+, Yahoo! In Social Login Q3, 2014, But Loses In Mobile !

Analyzing a casual surfer’s behaviour has always been a conundrum. And though it is difficult to generalize or predict what eggs on people over the internet to log in to certain sites or click on the mentioned links, it has clearly emerged that Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) still rules the roost among all the networking sites.Victor White of Gigya recently...

Social Login In Different Sectors : Facebook Inc. (FB) Dominates Retail And Media, LinkedIn Widely Used In The B2B Arena. [REPORT]

As we had discussed earlier, social login has totally changed the ability to register or log on to a website, replacing the former lengthy sign-up process by social identity of a user. With tremendous growth in usage of networking giants like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR). Google Plus and niche sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD), Instagram, Amazon...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Dominates Social Login With 51% Share Followed By Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social login is vital for business firms and online brands as consumers are growing impatient and prefer not wasting their time in filling up long form with personal details while logging to any website or apps. Social login option is most advantageous from user prospective as a time-saver, also their networking activities (monitored by online brands after they use...

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