Apple Photos has 18 new features for iPhone users to produce mind-boggling images and videos

The new features of Apple Photos eliminate the need for any third-party apps to be creative with photos clicked from iPhone. The new iOS 16 comes with a bunch of new features and enhancements that could make people easily fall in love with the iPhone.

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One image is equal to 1,000 words!

Apple Photos has become so powerful that it may make you get rid of all other video and photo editing apps on your iPhone. The new features of Apple Photos on iPhone have almost killed the need for any third-party photo editing app that you may be using until now.

Your iPhone must have iOS 16 to access the powerful new features of Photos. If you don’t have it, you must first update your iPhone (Settings->General->Software Update).

Many of these changes are also available on iPadOS 16 for iPad and macOS13 Ventura for Mac. These versions, however, are still in beta, hence one must be mindful before hitting the Update button on these devices.

With the introduction of new features to Apple Photos, iPhone has become even more appealing to people who are still in a dilemma of buying it.

18 new features of Apple Photos

Remove Background: Click a button

One of the most frequently used activities in photos is removing the background and people always have a hard time doing so. Paying attention to such data, Apple has decided to make life easier for people while playing with an image background.

To remove the background of any prominent subject, all you need to do is open an image, and long-press the subject. The subject will glow, letting you know that the magic is working. You’ll then see the “Copy” and “Share” options. The Copy option will add the subject to your clipboard so that you can paste it elsewhere. The Share will open the standard share Sheet for this subject.

Remove Background feature on iPhone

The tap-to-remove-background is a part of Visual Look Up, which is the interactive feature that let users know more about objects, such as art, pets, plants, and landmarks. There are many other ways you can use it.

You can, for example, tap on the subject of an image, continue to hold, and switch to Messages. While holding down the object, drag and drop it where it is needed. The background removing feature works with images directly in Files, Safari, and Quick Look apps as well. You may be able to long-press an image to select “Remove Background,” or “Copy Subject” in those apps.

Get Rid of Duplicate Images

There is no option in iOS 15 that allows you to identify and delete duplicate images. You need to manually search for duplicates in your photo library or use an app that does the job for you. All of that struggle comes to an end with iOS 16. “Merge Duplicates” is one of the most useful new features of Apple Photos app.

Get Rid of Duplicate Images on iPhone

You can open the “Duplicates” folder in Utilities on iOS 16 instead of the additional app. You’ll find similar photos in your library when you click on “Duplicates”. These photos can be any type of image, including screenshots. Tap “Merge” next to a group of images and then “Merge [#] duplicates” to create a single file that “combines the highest quality and pertinent data from its duplicates.”

You can also tap on an image to view it in preview and then swipe through duplicates to see which one is best. You can trash an image or tap “Select”, then “Merge [#] duplicates.”

Biometrics: Beef up your Photo Privacy

You may have noticed that under Utilities, folders “Hidden”, and “Recently deleted” are now locked. Each one has a lock icon. Depending on the model of iPhone you use, Face ID, or Touch ID are required to unlock each one. You can still unlock it with your passcode if biometrics don’t work.

This is a major privacy improvement that Apple users have been asking for a long. To hide the hidden album from your albums, you had to go to Settings->Photos. Anyone could access your iPhone or iPad’s preferences to unhide it and then browse your secret images.

Private media can be hidden from the album list. The toggle is now “Show Hidden Album”. If you don’t care about privacy, you can turn off the “Use Face ID”, or “Use Touch ID”, toggle in the Photos settings. This will make it easier to open “Hidden”, and “Recently Deleted”. It is only possible to toggle it off, as it requires Touch ID or Face ID authentication to disable — another security improvement.

Images Actions: A Single Click

Going further, you’ll notice a new ellipsis (***) beside the “Edit” button when you open a photo. To open a drop-down menu, tap it. This will give you options to duplicate, hide/unhide, copy and save the image as a video (Live Photos), add it to an Album, feature the person less (for photos with people in them); adjust the date, time, and location.

These options are available in the Share Sheet on iOS 15. To avoid repetition, some items from the new ellipsis menu in iOS 16 won’t appear in the Share Sheet.

You’ll also be able to see the new (***) menu when you select more than one image, video, or combination thereof. It is not the same as the old ellipsis (***) menu that was used to filter results and zoom in or out.

Image Editing can be replicated

There are instances when you may want to replicate the same editing to multiple photos or videos. It was a tedious process until iOS 15. Gong further, Copy and paste edits made to an image or video can be duplicated to other images or videos in iOS 16. You can also use the same set of adjustments repeatedly if you like them.

To copy edits to a photo, tap the new (***) menu. Next, select that option and then locate the file you wish to apply these edits to. You’ll see an option to “Paste Edits” in the file’s ellipsis menu. Use this option to make adjustments. To copy and paste edits, you can also use the (***) menu in the photo editor.

However, this new Apple Photos feature comes with few restrictions. You can only copy and paste certain styles to other files. This includes adjustments, depth modifications, and lighting intensity. Crops, Markup, and Live Photos keyframes will not work.

Bulk Editing of Images and Videos

What could be better than copying edits from one video or image into another? Edits can be pasted into multiple photos or videos simultaneously. To batch apply edits, copy them from one file. Hit the “Select” button to select multiple files.

Undo Edits Simplified

It doesn’t matter if you made edits long ago or just batch-edited a few photos or videos. You can easily revert the files back to their original state with iOS 16. Earlier, you used to do this from the video or photo editor. But now, you can copy and paste edits to “Revert To Original” using the same ellipsis (***) Menu discussed above. Revert edits can be done from the quick actions menu.

A Static Photo from Live Photo in a jiffy

For iOS 15 users, the only option to turn a live photo into a static image is to turn off the “Live” photo feature while sharing or editing the image. There’s an easier way now. Tap the Live Photo menu to see a dropdown that offers “Loop”, “Bounce”, and “Long Exposure” options. At the last of it, you will see an “Off” option.

Get rid of custom albums easily

You can delete an album from iOS 15 by tapping “See All” and then “Edit”. This will bring up the minus buttons. This function is still available in iOS 16, albeit with better options.

Tap the ellipsis (***), to see a new button “Delete Album”. You can also long-press an album to delete it from the albums list.

Do more with Albums fast

With iOS 16, the quick actions menu for albums allows you to do much more than delete an album. There wasn’t a quick actions menu before. You can now share files, add photos, play a video memory, and rename or delete the album.

Sorting the names alphabetically

You can only view contacts in iOS or iPadOS 15 in the order that they were presented. To switch from the “Custom Order”, you can tap on the ellipsis button. It already allows you to sort by name.

Play with Edits As you want

When editing photos or videos on iOS 16, you can now use the undo and redo buttons. The value of each effect can now be reset automatically by tapping the redo or undo buttons. These buttons work for all edits, including crop edits, and you can undo edits back to the first edit in the current session.

Options: Prominently Placed now

The Share Sheet now features a prominent “Options” button at the top of the page for sharing images, videos, or groups of files in Photos. People might not have noticed it before.

New memory types

Apple’s Memories feature offers new memory types that it can use to enhance your photo library. You may see a “This Day in History” memory if you have media from the same date in the past. You may also see a memory if there are media of children playing.

Restart videos in Memories

iOS 15 allows you to tap the left side to return to the previous photo or video. This works with iOS 16 photos, but when you are watching a video, tap the left side of your screen to restart it without any interruptions in the music. Tapping twice will take you to content placed before the video file.

Music in Memories can be silent now

You can now silence the music by tapping the speaker icon that appears next to the exit button when you play a photo in Photos. With iOS 15, to silence the music, you had to adjust it manually.

Feature Content: Switch it off

There’s a way to make featured content disappear from the “For You” tab. You can toggle off the “Show Featured content” in Settings -> Photo’s Memories and Featured photos section. It also prevents featured content from appearing in a search or on a Photos widget.

Videos support Live Text now

Live Text was previously used to extract text from photos in Photos. But now it works for videos too!


All the above-mentioned new features of Apple Photos come only with iOS 16. Apple has released the update to iOS 16 this week for selected iPhone models. Any iPhone older than the iPhone 8 will not support iOS 16, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, users of some of these iOS 16 supported iPhone models – especially the iPhone 8 series, iPhone X and iPhone XS – may find the new features of Photos either not available or working as mentioned above.

We suggest you must update your iPhone with iOS 16 only if you have an iPhone 11 or a later model. In case you have older models, we strongly suggest looking out for the upgrade offers available during the upcoming festive season sales on various online stores.


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