Does the specs and price of iPhone 14 make it worth buying?

Is iPhone 14 worth the price? The answer to the question lies in a rather more important question - Should you even consider upgrading or buying iPhone 14 series? And if your answer is Yes, then it leads you to another inevitable question - Would it be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max that would best fit your needs?

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The price of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series is finally out and given the specifications of the iPhone 14 series, the internet is flooded with debates on the worthiness of the iPhone 14.

Whether you’re a tech geek who is an avid consumer of content produced by the biggest influencers in the field or a casual user who just wants to find out if the latest technology is worth the investment, there’s no doubt there will be a range of opinions about Apple’s newly announced iPhone 14 family.

If you believe in Apple’s marketing gimmicks it’s the most impressive collection of iPhone there ever existed. In the words of Tim Cook “The best iPhone Apple has ever made“!

So, which one among the latest ones is the best that money can buy?

The much-awaited “Far In” event was held in Cupertino, California on Wednesday, and Apple launched a series of iPhones – and discontinued many as well. Although the hands-on reviews are still a few days away from popping up on YouTube and review websites, it is essential to determine whether Apple iPhone 14 series justifies the investment.

Upgrade or not to upgrade?

Apple is known to bring new features, enhance performance and upgrade the hardware lying under the hood of the iPhone every year. No matter how enticing or appealing any upgrade or enhancement in the new iPhone may be, do not get an entirely new iPhone every year. Apple never releases an iPhone that offers a significant upgrade over its predecessor that you may already own.

iPhone 14 is no exception!

But does that make it any less Impressive? Absolutely not!

However, you shouldn’t invest in iPhone 14 if you have an iPhone that belongs to the iPhone 13 series or even iPhone 12 series.

Make sure to maintain an upgrade cycle of 3-4 years to have the sense and joy of getting something innovative and noticeable.

Unless you’re rich and you like to boast about your behavior as an early adopter of tech, buying every iPhone every year is nothing but a disappointing investment you can make.

For Android people, switching to iPhone could still be a bit uneasy particularly when it comes to accessing Control Center and swiping to close apps and more. But all in all, Apple’s iOS is simpler to use and the record number of Android users jumping off the ship is a testimony to it.

iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus: The better one?

From a design perspective, not much of a difference can be noticed in the latest 6.1-inch iPhone 14 over the iPhone 13, except for the bigger iPhone 14 Plus that sports 6.7 inches display.

They’re almost the same as last year’s model, albeit the notch being an exception. Apple has also refrained from launching the successor of the 5.4″ iPhone 13 mini, likely because of its lackluster sales.

The most notable changes come in a form of cameras – the main camera as well as the front (TrueDepth) camera. The new A15 Bionic chip (with five core GPU) and a battery that is claimed to last even longer, availability in new colors (including an attractive hue of red), and eSIM support that eliminates the requirement to plug in the SIM card are the other notable upgrades in the iPhone 14.

However, an eSIM-only approach in the US has two possible problems. Although all major mobile providers in most developed countries support eSIM, there are a few telecom providers in developing nations as well as a few MVNO providers in developed nations that do not support it yet. Apple has released the list of U.S. carriers that support the eSIM technology. However, you could have issues while traveling to other countries as you would be unable to use physical calling cards – also known as International SIM cards – like OneSim Card or TravelSIM Card on iPhone which are usually less expensive than roaming charges.

Perhaps the most striking features, however, are the safety features that Apple has introduced in iPhone 14, such as Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite. The farther one makes you call emergency services in the event of the possibility of a car crash, while the latter one is a feature that is the first in the field for situations where you have to contact someone without cellular coverage accessible. We all know that satellite calling is an extremely expensive affair but Apple is offering this for free, albeit only for two years.

Apple is ready to accept pre-orders for iPhone 14 from Friday, September. 9. 2022. The price of the iPhone 14 starts from $799, while the iPhone Plus starts from $899. The release of the iPhone 14 will begin on Friday, September. 16, while the iPhone 14 Plus from the Friday of October. 7 2022.

Go Pro: Nothing but the very best?

Many of you may be wondering about the Pro version of iPhone 14 that Apple has introduced alongside the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Undoubtedly, the “Pro” versions of iPhone 14 were the major highlights of the event, and almost everyone will agree on the fact that iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are meant to keep the entry barrier lower for all those Android users who already have a device ranging between $350 – $450. The Pro versions of iPhone 14 (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) are meant to target existing iPhone users who are yet to upgrade themselves to Pro variants.

Apple was successful in keeping the iPhone 14 under the wrap until the last moment by proving many rumors and leakers wrong who were confident about iPhone 14 and iPhone Pro variants having “pill” or “Tic-Tac” cutout at the top of the screen. It also hints that, unlike Android, everything must be taken with a pinch of salt unless Apple iPhone is officially revealed.

We didn’t notice a “pill” and “Tic-Tac” cutouts high-up on the display as numerous speculations suggested. There’s a single notch, albeit smaller, for the camera as well as various sensors.

The area at the top of the screen is dubbed “Dynamic Island” by Apple. it’s located on the upper right of the screen and is capable of displaying animated alerts through cleverly changing shapes depending on the notification (like an incoming email) or application (such as showing artwork from albums for music) or even actions (like connecting AirPods). Additionally, it’s interactive. Hold and tap to reveal additional options or a quick tap launches the app it’s connected to.

Utilizing Apple’s new lock screen (unveiled in iOS 16) the new always-on display is a welcome addition. It’s no secret that the always-on feature deteriorates the battery performance but, surprisingly, Apple claims otherwise. The company claims the always-on feature in iPhone 14 will not affect the performance of the battery. While the reason for Apple’s confidence is anybody’s guess now, experts believe it’s possibly due to its brand new and energy-efficient A16 Bionic chip.

It also supports the Emergency SOS via satellite service as well as Crash Detection.

People who are passionate about film and photography are sure to be delighted by the 48-megapixel rear camera, available for the very first time on an iPhone with a brand new quad-pixel sensor. It lets in more light and the Photonic Engine that works to improve the quality of photographs by processing images.

The availability of ProRAW images shot which can take advantage of 2X Telephoto images is another head turner. In the realm of video, you can choose Pro Video modes like Action (gimbal-like stabilization) and Cinematic mode, which is 4K resolution, with 24-frames every second. However, people are disappointed by the absence of 8K, which many were anticipating.

Apple has made iPhone Pro available in four colors. While iPhone 14 Pro starts from $999, the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts from $1099 and can be ordered from Friday, September. 9.

The bottom Line

Anyone who is planning to purchase an iPhone should consider trading in their current model to reduce costs unless you’re planning to hand over the phone to your near or dear one or donate it because it’s extremely uncommon to ever keep an old phone again.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro appear to be similar to their predecessors. However, they do have “Crash Detection” and the “Emergency Service via satellite” that could prove to be lifesavers for a few.

With its major camera upgrades along with its innovative Dynamic Island function, as well as the Always-On display the iPhone 14 Pro devices are a noticeable improvement over the last year’s iPhone 13.

The absence of an actual SIM could be a problem, however, so you should check with your carrier regarding support before purchasing.


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