mAadhaar Update: Check out the Range of Services Available on Aadhaar Card Mobile App

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With the passage of time, technology is becoming more intertwined into everyone’s lives. When using the mAadhaar app, one does not need to carry their physical Aadhaar card.

Users can share their eKYC or QR code with providers who demand Aadhaar validation of their consumers before supplying Aadhaar services, and cardholders can utilise their mAadhaar profile as proof of identity when using airlines and railways services.

Through its official Twitter account, the UIDAI has informed the public about the three important components of mAadhaar. The initial section of the mAadhaar is the ‘Aadhaar Services Dashboard,’ which is a basic interface that gives Aadhaar holders access to all digital services available to them.

The second section is the ‘My Aadhaar Section,’ which is a personalised place for the Aadhaar card updates you upload, and the third section is the ‘Enrolment Center Section,’ which is a map that helps you locate the registration location.

At any moment, the mAadhaar app can be used anywhere in India. By utilising the mAadhaar app, the user can gain access to a number of benefits, including:

  1. You can update your Aadhaar card address with or without a document.
  2. Create or obtain a VID to use to access services for those who have safeguarded their Aadhaar or do not want to expose their Aadhaar.
  3. Provide a virtual QR code to service providers.
  4. One profile mobile can store and manage the Aadhaar cards of up to five family members.
  5. If your Aadhaar card has been lost or misplaced, you can download it or recover it.
  6. Aadhaar can be locked or biometrics can be used to protect it.

Advantages of Using the mAadhaar App

The following are some of the advantages of using the mAadhaar app:

  • The mAadhaar app has a unique function that allows you to lock and unlock your biometric information. Your biometric app will be locked until you unlock it the next time you use it once you enable the biometric locking method on your app.
  • The most significant advantage of using the mAadhaar app is that you no longer need to carry the real card.
  • The mAadhaar app is more secure than the SMS-based OTP since it uses a time-based one-time password (TOTP).
  • The programme makes it simple to complete eKYC for banks and other financial operations. In reality, the eKYC can be shared with any service provider.
  • You can exchange your electronic information with 3rd party applications with the mAadhaar app.


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