Search Engine Market Share Worldwide by Month

The below graph represents the world's top search engines by market share, starting from January 2009 to the last completed month. Google continued to dominate the global search engine market (mobile, desktop, tablet, console) with 91.75% share as of June 2020.

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The above graph represents the Search Engine market share worldwide by month, starting from January 2009 to the last completed month. World’s top 5 search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu and YANDEX RU, across all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, console).

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SourceStat Counter
PlatformDesktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console

As the graph shows, Google has been dominating the Search Engine market with over 90% share since 2009. However, the Google search engine market share declined to 91.75% in June 2020, from 92.62% in June 2019. That’s representing 0.87 percent point year-over-year decline.

Bing is the world’s second widely used search engine, holding 2.75% market share as of June 2020.

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