Top Startups In India That Represent The Thriving Startup Landscape [REPORT]

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The Indian Start-up surface is as hot as the sun and it continues to thrive! This has been a matter of telltale by the flagship post, LinkedIn Top Startups in India list based on a series of actions taken by more than fifty million LinkedIn (NASDAQ: LNKD) users in India.

Hospitality start-up, OYO, health and wellness start-up Cure. Fit, and the local food delivery service, Dunzo, positions itself in the top three ranks. What seems to be more interesting, Bengaluru appears to be the hub – a safe dwelling for all the above three start-ups!

LinkedIn ranked all these start-ups on the basis of employment growth, employee engagement, job interest and top talent valuation.


This window was considered to be held accountable from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.

Top Startups In India: B2B Stays Ahead of the Curve!

“The Top Startups List, an extension of the Top Companies franchise, brings to light how these young companies are disrupting industries and attracting talent in India. The debut edition of the India list sees a diverse mix of consumer-driven businesses and B2B startups across industries such as health and wellness, hospitality, fintech, and ecommerce.”- Adith Charlie, India Editor, LinkedIn.

According to the professional network, B2B companies root in for a more than 50 per cent of the list slice, while deep tech start-ups like Nineleaps, SigTuple, Zapr Media Labs, BrowsterStack, and Exadatum constitute only 20 per cent.

The “Top Startups in India” list shows how young, budding companies are ushering in a wave of disruption along the industrial space of India.

The inaugural issue of LinkedIn shows the sunny-side-up kind of glee in the face of B2B startups around the country, covering a vast dynamics like health, fitness, hospitality and more. Indeed, this upsurge in demand for these ventures can be the much-needed north star for Indian entrepreneurs.

Over the last few decades there have been much fibs and fables around India’s business-oriented economy and now with the rise in smartphone adoption, entrepreneurs can look forward to the gravy train!


OYO Paves Way, Cure.Fit Tags After!

top startups in India Linkedin

Positioning itself at the peak is the Gurugram-based hospitality start-up, OYO which has been the largest hotel network in the country. With more than 100,000 rooms in about 230 cities, this has paced past Marriott and Taj! As if this wasn’t up to snuff, OYO with about 4,700 headcounts has stretched out its roots to other places – Malaysia, China and Britain, that too in just nine months.

A step-down, but still at the second highest position is the Bengaluru based wellness and healthcare start-up – Cure. Fit. Unique at its own feat, this start-up is earning a name for itself through its no-equipment gyms, healthy food, and meditation spaces.

According to LinkedIn, the company raised about $120 million from investors and it’s associate gym chain, Fitness First by sealing the deal at somewhere between $30-$35 million.

Additionally, with the entrepreneurial paradigm shift here, several startups are ticking off the rosary of the mantra, “Employee is the Boss”. Interestingly, these companies have managed to slot in their names!

Startups recognise the value of imbibing a sense of belonging in their workforce. Another emerging trend is the adoption of unique employee engagement models, – LinkedIn

For instance, Cure. Fit, provides a can’t-say-no-offer to its employees – unlimited leave, fixed increments every six months and other additional, aesthetic perks come as a tag-along! Weekly cricket matches and a concierge service for personal tasks are like bells and whistles.

LinkedIn further stated that all the 25 top startups in India have been able to enlist themselves in the first edition of LinkedIn through “their unique offerings and bold leadership”. India’s thriving landscape with budding start-ups positions itself as the third largest start-up space globally!


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