With Free Delivery and Zero Surge Pricing, What’s Swiggy Upto?

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Be it fancy, hearty meals delivered at door-step or being the savior of late-night food cravings – Swiggy has got our back ! However, it won’t stop there, as Swiggy holds fast to its position – $210 Million Entrant in the Unicorn ClubReportedly, Swiggy has switched on a subscription-driven playbook to scale the food technology market. The Bengaluru-based food delivery startup has ventured into subscription-based space by launching its very first membership program called Swiggy Super. 

Say Hello to Swiggy SUPER!

This subscription-based program has been rolled out only in selected locations as of now.  Selected Swiggy users who have received this offer, can see a ‘Swiggy SUPER’ banner on the app.

Swiggy SUPER, amidst bells and whistles, moonwalks in with two subscription plans. One Month Subscription comes at a price between Rs 99 and Rs 149. Subscription to three-month plan ranges between Rs 249 and Rs 349. However, it’s been made clear that the rates for subscription plans may differ from city to city, taking consumer payment behaviour into consideration.

The Food-delivery firm is yet to make a detailed scrutiny of all its subscription plans and work accordingly to necessitate anything required.

Over and above, Swiggy SUPER will not charge any surge fee on food orders during higher demands or for instance, during rain-related fuss. This subscription program also assures members that it can cater to issues and process them comparatively quicker.

This is not the first time when Swiggy is trying to lure its customers to strengthen its revenue arm. early this year, Swiggy rolled out its ‘POP’ feature which panders to customers, seeking single meal orders at some dime a dozen level. Swiggy POP meals range between Rs 99 and Rs 200.

Bid Adieu to Delivery Charges!

The best part about being a SUPER member? You wave happy Good-Byes to delivery charges!

This comes as simple as ABC. You pick your fancied potluck and hit the “Order” button. There’s no fuss about delivery fees or surges fees. How can one not be all sunny with guaranteed savings on each and every order placed?

“With a very large restaurant partner network and an industry best delivery time, Swiggy has become an integral part of the food ordering experiences of Indian consumers. Super is the result of understanding some of their biggest pain points when it comes to food delivery and making it more convenient, affordable, and simple,” said Anuj Rathi, VP of Product at Swiggy.

Additionally, tossing brownie-points into its pocket, Swiggy ensures that as a member one can use SUPER for one or three months for unlimited free deliveries in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai & Pune.

Swiggy’s Loyalty Program Matching Wits With Zomato?

Swiggy’s SUPER is up, locking horns with its arch-rivals Zomato’s subscription product, Zomato Gold. and FreshMenu’s FreshMenu’s FreshClub.

In order to retain its customers without losing them to Swiggy, Zomato launched its new loyalty program, Piggybank. Piggybank members can avail 10 per cent of their order value known as Z Coins, which are nothing but Zomato credits. Apart from a series of subscription-based services like Zomato Gold or Piggybank,  Zomato also offers Treats. Like icing on a cake, one of the above subscriptions also specifically aids customer preference in order to track repeat purchases.

Similarly, to bank upon its customer loyalty, FreshMenu also jumped into the subscription-based model with FreshClub, introduced a few months ago. FreshClub members can avail FreshMenu service at 10% discount and free delivery. To ropein more of its regular customers into subscription model FreshMenu is also offering an exclusive menu to its FreshClub members.

In cut throat competition, both the incumbents haven’t lowered their ‘sword’ down, or one may read, ‘spatula’. With accounting nearly 10.5 million orders per month as of June, Zomato has more than 4,00,000 paid subscribers for its Gold offering, nearly 2,50,000 for Treats plan and over 500,000 PiggyBank sign-ups. Apparently, what contributes towards 60 per cent of the revenue structure of Zomato, is the subscription-based services and food delivery concerted together.

Additionally, in order to avail Swiggy’s Super benefits, the minimum order is Rs 100.


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