Choosing Apple Over Other Brands Is Always An Astute Move

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Ever since the technological advancements started to take place a decade ago, a plethora of brands has come up with products across different segments. Whether one is looking for a laptop, phone, or even a smartwatch, the options are endless! There is no doubt that innovation has led technology to where it is at present. With such a vast technological sweep, products from major brands differ on the hardware, software, working environment, design and what not! However, some brands have innovated, yet maintained a consistency around their products.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one such brand that offers the best of everything. It’s one of the most aspiring brand known for their quality products and has brought many ‘firsts’ in the industry. Be it an iPhone or a MacBook Pro; Apple has always produced superior products, which makes it the world’s most valuable brand.

Today, we will give you 5 reasons to choose Apple over other brands.

Better Hardware and Software Integration

Apple is known to always march at their own beat. Be it the hardware or the software; Apple outshines every other brand out there. They have introduced so many game-changing innovations in their products that it is hard to match. Whether it is the magnetic charging port in their MacBook, the reliability and build quality of every product or even the face-unlock feature on the iPhone X; everything works seamlessly due to their hardware and software. Furthermore, there is still a laptop to come than can beat MacBook in battery backup.

It is worth pointing out the software support and experience of apps. Most software that is made for multiple platforms seem to do better on Apple products. The interface is slick, the simplicity it maintains while delivering the best user-experience is hard to forgo.


One of the reasons why so many products from different manufacturers go redundant after a while is because of the lack of updates. The long irritating fragmentation issue with Android is a classic example. Most manufacturers stop supporting their products after a year and then consumers have to buy a new product. However, with Apple, this is definitely not the case, and their products are supported throughout the lifecycle. The updates are instant, and users get it the same day as of the release, whether it is for Apple iPhone or MacBook.

Choice of the Professionals and Regular Users

MacBook is a one of a kind product that fulfils every need of a professional. Now when we say professional, we mean anyone who is working. Be it a photographer, or a musician or even a computer programmer; MacBook is always their first choice. The software processing is commendable, the colours are accurate, and it is supported by a Thunderbolt port which transfers data faster and safer. Honestly, it is hard to find a musician or a photographer worth their salt to be using anything other than a Mac!

Even if someone wants to just buy a laptop for multimedia usage and browsing, an Apple MacBook makes more sense. Not only will it last longer per charge, but also give the user the best experience and is much simpler to use.

Support and In-Store Experience

Apple is a superior brand for some reasons, and their support does add a lot to this equation. They offer an international warranty on iPhone, MacBook and other products. In case of any product malfunctions, it’s easy to get support from Apple. Their products are to be experienced, and their stores deliver up to their name. With stores everywhere around the country, a simple Google search will lead to one. It doesn’t matter which city one is looking in, just look for an Apple store in Delhi, Chandigarh or Chennai and you are bound to find many.


Today’s technological world is not safe if the users don’t know what they are doing. Viruses, trojans, and all the malicious software can nest on the devices if we are not careful. We all browse websites, click on ads, use public Wi-Fi, install software that may harm our devices and even ignore pop-up warnings on the internet. Such practices lead to our personal information getting compromised, including bank details and private multimedia. However, with an Apple device, this is least likely to happen. Yes, it can happen, but Apple devices are much safer and harder to crack. Also, malware cannot do much on an Apple device because the brand puts in much effort and supports some of the stringiest security checks. Any user who cares about their privacy should never look beyond Apple products.

Apple is an experience brand that is – for the user. Their products are incredibly simple to use, and their technology is at least a couple of years ahead than other manufacturers. Honestly, one can never go wrong with any Apple product, and their sales are a proof of their wonders. If you are looking for an Apple product, make sure you visit a physical store and not buy online. Look for an Apple store wherever you reside, after all; it’s worth to experience the goodness of Apple, at a store!


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