Every iPhone User Must Pay Immediate Attention To The Upcoming iOS Update

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Remember, how badly Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was accused of deliberately slowing down the older iPhones! Apple made failed attempt to justify the move by stating that it was necessary to save ageing batteries. iPhone users, however, were not looking so convinced. Sensing the seriousness of the situation and growing dissatisfaction among its loyal user base, Apple has decided to give more control to iPhone users itself, which will allow iPhone users to tweak the performance of their iPhone based on their preferences.

Apple has just released a list of new features, the company would be rolling out in the next iOS update, known as iOS 11.3. Among all the other highlights of the new update, the most important one is CPU Manager.

The CPU Manager feature in iOS 11.3 will allow iPhone users to tweak the performance of their device as per their needs and preferences. Going further iPhone users will decide whether they need to throttle the CPU speed to extend the battery life or compromise the battery life for the optimal device performance.

Besides, it will also indicate the health of the battery and tell if the battery needs to be serviced or replaced. Users having iPhone 6 and later models can found this feature under Setting -> Battery.

Apple has also announced many other new features and enhancement with iOS 11.3, including Dedicated Business Chat on Apple Message, combining all health records, Apple Music with videos. Among all the CPU Manager and Battery Monitoring feature is the most notable ones as these are the main pain points of almost every user who has an older version of iPhone.

Starting from today, the new iOS 11.3 is available for registered developers at developer.apple.com. Soon, Apple will release the beta version of iOS 11.3 but the free public rollout to all iPhone 5S and later iteration of the device users would only be available in spring this year. Some of you may still find it little frustrating with the timelines of the release but, on the other hand, we must be happy that Apple has finally taken some action to help iPhone users who are just too frustrated by carrying iPhone charger everywhere.


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