In The Era of Internet You Should Choose Fibre Over Broadband

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Now that you have started reading this article, we can guess that you are quite baffled with the vast range of broadband technologies that ISPs are offering nowadays. While every ISP is claiming to offer superior network and world-class customer support, some of the ISPs have taken the competition to a whole new level by upgrading their infrastructure to Fibre Optics. This, eventually, has made customers confused about the technology advancement, reliability and the true potential of various network types.

But do not worry, we will help you take a better decision by informing you about one of the best technologies, i.e., fibre broadband. First of all, let us introduce you to this phenomenal technology.

Fibre Optic Technology

No less than a tech revolution, a fibre optic technology is a method of transmitting information through cables made up of glass or optic fibres. These extremely thin cables carry data in the form of light and work on the concept of total internal reflection.


The working mechanism of fibre optic technology has changed the face of internet connectivity in India, and more and more people are turning towards this new technology. It has led to 87% growth in the average internet speed in Q1 2017 and helped India to reach 89th position in the global internet ranking list. So, what are the reasons behind the massive improvement in India’s global internet ranking and overall growth?

Whether a person is looking for a broadband connection in Delhi or a broadband connection in Bangalore, they mostly prefer fibre optic. The reasons? Well for that you need to read the article until the end.

Here are some of the reasons that you should choose fibre optic cables!

  • Faster Transmission

What is worse than having no internet? A slow internet! However, thanks to the high bandwidth and range of transmission of fibre optic cables, this issue will hardly bother you now. While more bandwidth allows the fibre to carry more information with efficiency, high range of transmission helps it in moving data at the higher speed and greater distances.

If compared to other broadband technologies, fibre optic technology offers significantly higher speed, and this is the reason why it is becoming one of the most popular choices for the tech-savvy generation.

  • Less Interference

It is not just the fast speed, but also less interference that makes it popular. Fibre optic cable is less susceptible to noise and electromagnetic interference, and hence, most of the data signals reach the router easily. They are also less susceptible to interference from power lines, electrical equipment, or lightning. Due to this advantage, fibre optic cables are generally preferred for transmitting data over large distances.

  • Safety

Another reason to choose fibre over broadband is its safety promise. The working of fibre optic cables involves light and light cannot catch fire. Hence, fibre optic cables also offer safety as they are not a fire hazard.

  • Durability

The durability of fibre optic cables is quite high due to their thin size, lightweight and strong material. All these make them much harder to damage or kink, and hence they last longer than other broadband technologies that use copper cable. They are also less susceptible to temperature and can be used anywhere without the worries of fluctuations in temperature.

  • Cost Benefit

You may be thinking that why have we listed this point here as fibre optic cables cost more. Well, what you calculate is the money that you pay in the initial stage. It is important to calculate the working cost of the product, which is comparatively low in case of optic fibre cables. The reason is the low maintenance cost, longer durability and requirement of less networking hardware.

Also, as the popularity of fibre optic is rising, their price is going down. So, overall, choosing fibre optic cable proves to be a cost-effective option.

Final Words

Read the reasons? Then we are sure you are not as confused as you were in the beginning. Things are moving fast in the internet arena and so should you. It is high time that you switch to a better and faster internet connection and explore the wide opportunities waiting for you.

However, you must also keep one more thing in mind. The effective performance of the broadband also depends on the internet service provider that you choose. Therefore, try choosing the broadband connection from a trusted company. If you are searching for a broadband connection in Bangalore, you can go for companies like ACT Fibernet that offer a wide range of Fibre broadband plans in the city.


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