Stop Neglecting Your IT Department and Give Them the Tools Needed to Grow Your Business

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Think of your IT department as the white blood cells of your company – the workers protecting you against internal illness. Without an efficient IT department, most companies are doomed to spiral into chaos, especially in the current high-tech business environment. It would be virtually impossible to understate the importance of your company’s IT specialists.

The following lists the needs of modern IT departments. You should use this as a guide to picking up the slack wherever your business may be lacking. More importantly, however, use it as a bridge to better your communication with your IT department. Once you’ve wrapped up this reading, head over to your IT specialists and ask them directly what their needs are.

Software Solutions

Quality IT relies on modern software solutions. If the software is outdated, they can’t deliver optimal performance, and the business suffers. Some examples of the software your IT department can benefit from include:

  • Remote monitoring software
  • Project management software
  • Incident reminders
  • Cloud management solutions
  • Server monitors

Diagnostic and Repair Equipment

Sales and marketing departments, too, rely on many different software solutions, including BPM (business process management) and CRM (customer relationship management). This software is essential to the organization, but IT departments are necessary to diagnose and repair issues. Process Explorer, System Explorer, and HWiNFO are examples of diagnostic tools that your IT department will need.

If you keep your other departments up-to-date with the most innovative and efficient tools, they’ll rely less on their IT department. Luckily, there are ample choices for CRM software solutions available right now; most of which are top of the line.

The thing about software is that no matter what department uses it, eventually your IT department will have to step in to fix it, improve it, or teach someone how to use it. To perform the necessary repairs, your IT department needs the following software:

  • Windows Repair all in one by Tweaking. …
  • CCleaner Tech Edition. …
  • Spybot – Search & Destroy. …
  • Hitman Pro incident based license. …
  • Revo uninstaller. …
  • EaseUS Partition Master Technician. …
  • Mini Tool Power Data Recovery technician. …
  • RogueKiller Anti-malware.

Friendlier Budgets

Your IT department is responsible for maintaining hardware, software, and the company’s entire network. They’re the superheroes keeping your business safe from all the bad guys (hackers, phishers, malware, viruses, etc.). Batman has all that Bruce Wayne money to protect Gotham, but what do your IT people have?

ZDNet reports that IT departments have become more than just protectors. They’re profit centres too. Your IT department helps improve profits “…as core business operations become more efficient and new technologies deliver opportunities for business innovation.” To do this and keep you safe, the department needs money. Ask yourself: is your IT department truly well-funded? If not, consider increasing their budget.


Creative Freedom

Are you encouraging innovation in your IT department? IT professionals have many skills, including application development, interface design, and analytics. It may surprise you what they can do with these skills, and how their innovations can improve profits and safety.

Someone in your IT department may be harbouring an idea that will transform and streamline a previously tedious process. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so do a survey of the department. Ask them for their ideas, and don’t forget to offer incentives and rewards. Offering something in exchange for high-quality ideas will help motivate them to brainstorm and innovate.

Great Management

More often than not, IT relies on teamwork. A good manager should see mistakes as learning experiences. They should also know how to delegate, and how to play to each team member’s skill set. Is your IT department run by a good manager? If you’re not sure, an anonymous survey is a great way to gauge how the department communicates and gets along. You’re welcome to also ask your employees directly how they feel about management, and how they think things can improve.

Considering all of this, how effective is your IT department? When was the last time you asked the hardworking employees of this department what they need to continue doing great things? Today’s businesses can’t survive without IT. It’s a department that shouldn’t be overlooked or under-equipped. Yet, it so often is. If you’re not yet concerned with the effectiveness of your IT department, you should be. Consider that IT impacts everything from how your business communicates to the security of your data. In light of this, it’s time to create extra value by valuing one of your greatest assets.


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