38% of iPhone Users In India Are Willing to Upgrade to iPhone 8 [POLL]

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The launch of the successor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is around the corner. Analyst, reviewers and geeks have set their eyes on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in anticipation of the most innovative iPhone, the company has made ever. Amid to all such excitement and buzz, there is a big question looming large – how many of iPhone users will actually upgrade to the next iPhone, purportedly called iPhone 8?

A few days back we addressed a study highlighting how exciting iPhone users in the US are about the next iPhone. From the findings of the study, it is clearly evident that a majority of iPhone users in the US (45%) are not willing to trade in their existing iPhone for a new one. Disappointingly, only 26% of iPhone users were found excited about the launch of iPhone 8 and may go for it. We also dug deep to understand what the iPhone users in the US are up to this year?

Apple iPhone in India: A lot depends on the success

For the last one year, Apple has set its eyes on India smartphone market. The company, which ignored India for a very long time, has realised the potential of the world’s second largest smartphone market apparently. Despite all the buzz about brand and quality Apple has failed to grab a double-digit share of quarterly smartphone shipment in India. Therefore, besides fueling its marketing operations, Apple has started manufacturing few models of iPhone in the country, and the first lot of ‘made in India’ iPhone SE is ready to rock the market. Apple is reportedly planning to launch the iPhone, manufactured in India, at a very competitive price to lure 450 million smartphone users in India.


Amid all such marketing strategies employed by Apple in India, the debate on the success of Apple iPhone is still making rounds offline and online both. It’s interesting to identify whether cost conservative India buyers are ready to cough up a handsome amount for iPhone? To do that, we decided to check the pulse of iPhone users in India by floating an online poll.

Surprisingly, iPhone users in India are apparently more excited about iPhone 8 than those in the US. 38% of iPhone users in India said that they would buy iPhone 8. It is much higher than 26% of iPhone users in the US interested in iPhone 8.

iPhone upgrade users in US and India

While this could bring some relief to Tim Cook & Team, the poll results also carry disappointment as well. Unlike the US, where only 2% of iPhone users are planning to jump off the ship, nearly one-third or 31% of iPhone users in India may ditch Apple for Android. This could be a big setback for Apple which is leaving no stone unturned in India to capture a sizable market share.

Nearly 11% of iPhone users in India may upgrade to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Looks like smartphone users in India have already considered iPhone 6 series as an obsolete range as only 3.8% iPhone users may buy any of iPhone 6 series device.

The poll result also highlights an interesting trend, and Apple must find it quite encouraging. Unlike the US where 45% of iPhone users are willing to glue with their current iPhone, only 15.7% of iPhone users in India shall look no further than their current iPhone. In a nutshell, compared to 53% of iPhone users in the US who will upgrade to any of iPhone model this year, 54% of iPhone users in India could trade in their iPhone for another model this year.


All said and done, the global launch of the new iPhone may be just a two months away, India will have to wait for some more time. A three-month window is good enough for many to change their mind. Besides, considering the above findings are based on a poll, it must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The potential market for iPhone in India looks quite promising this launch season. But a lot more depends on the price of iPhone 8 and the new reduced prices of predecessors it. If Apple misses the trick Chinese Smartphone vendors, especially Oneplus and Samsung, are aggressive enough to eat into the potential market of iPhone in India.

Whatever may be the case, It is an uphill task for Apple in India. The Cupertino giant will have to figure out some out-of-the-box strategy to hook the Indian smartphone buyers with iPhone. But, all said and done, it would be interesting to see the side camel sits.


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