Google Inc. (GOOGL) Beats Facebook, Apple In The List Of Top 10 Tech Companies To Work For In 2015

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Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) was ranked at first position in the Glassdoor report on Employee’s Choice Best Tech Places To Work in the US and UK, 2014. But this year, it was quite shocking to find that Twitter didn’t even make it to the list of top 50. The latest Glassdoor report titled ’Employee’s Choice 50 Best Tech Places To Work For In 2015′, also shows the deterioration of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) from the third to the thirteenth position whereas, it had been topping the list for consecutive three years; 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Like the previous year, this year too, a good number of tech companies have made it to top 50. The tech companies are taking up the market rapidly and are preferred by the employees. This time, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), with flying colours, have made it to the top of the list.

Top 10 tech companies to work for in US and UK, 2015

  1. Google– Google has been rated as the top company people want to work with and also the top tech company. Collective revenue of Google websites, Google Network Member’s Websites, Total advertising and all other kinds of revenues was $15,420 million in Q1, 2014. In Q2, 2014, the revenue was lifted to $15,955 million and in Q3, 2014 to $16,523 million. So, as we trace the changing figures, Google never stops growing. The total revenue earned by Google in 2014, till Q3, is already $47,898 million. The final Q4 is yet to be added towards the end of the year. Thus, such an influential growth of a company proves its value in the international market and hence, attracts the best people in the industry to work
  2. F5 Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:FFIV)– F5 Networks holds the leading position in the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) market. Though, overall it ranked fourth this time, among the tech companies it stood second. The kind of revenue it has earned in the last three quarters has quite made a mark in the market. In Q1, 2014, it had earned $420.04 million. Q2, 2014 saw a rise of $20.25 million and in Q3, 2014 revenue soared to $465.27 million.
  3. Facebook– Facebook having 1,350 million mothly active users, with respect to Q3, 2014 is surely leading among the social networking sites. Last year, the Glassdoor report recorded its fall from the number one position to the number third position. But this year, Facebook has shockingly come down to number thirteen. But among the tech companies, it is holding a firm grip at number three. Facebook is also the third most popular online sites in US with 134,710,192 visitors per month. In Q1, 2014, Facebook earned $2,502 million. In Q2 and Q3 of the same year it has earned $2,910 million and $3,203 million, respectively. All this data gives enough reason why someone would like to join an organization like Facebook.71_big
  4. Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)– Apparently, Qualcomm is the best telecom company employees want to work with. Last year, overall rating of Qualcomm was at number eight. But this time it has straight away gone down to number fourteen. Though, among the top10 tech companies, Qualcomm managed to acquire the fourth position only. Qualcomm, till Q3, 2014 (till September 2014) has already earned revenue of $19,865 million this year.
  5. Adobe (FRA:ADB)– Adobe is most famous for designing programs like Photoshop and InDesign. In the 2014 Glassdoor list, Adobe was not even featuring among the top twenties. But this time, it has acquired the eighteenth position among the top 50 companies. On the list of the top 10 tech companies, Adobe stood fifth.

    San Jose, an Adobe software engineer from California says, “Adobe takes very good care of their employees; they make sure you get what you want from training to benefits. I simply enjoy going to work, enjoy sharing my ideas with intelligent (and humble) people who are always ready to help.”

    In Q1, 2014, Adobe earned $1,000.12 million revenue. In Q2, 2014, the amount went up to $1,068.21 million but in Q3, it came down to $1,005.41 million.

  6. Mathworks – Mathworks is an American private company which develops mathematical computing software. Last year, Glassdoor ranked Mathworks number eleven and this time it has slipped eight places down to number nineteen.
  7. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)– Apple is the renowned company producing eye-candies like iPhones, iPAads and MacBooks. All the revenue earned by this company comes from the sale of these products. The figures for revenue earned by Apple in Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2014 are as huge as $45,646 million, $37,432 million and $42,123 million, respectively. But even Apple has lost its rank from number sixteen to number twenty-two this year.Apple office
  8. LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD)– LinkedIn has, disgracefully, lost its position from number two to number twenty-three in the Glassdoor report. It serves as the forum to connect with professionals but failed to sustain its grip on the market.Though, LinkedIn made it to the eighth position on the list of the top 10 tech companies people want to work with. By the third quarter of this year, it has already earned $1,575.34 million. Hope it makes more money by the end of the year.
  9. Zillow (NASDAQ:Z)– Zillow being an online real estate database has gained enough fame to stand number nine among the top 10 tech companies people want to work within US and UK. Overall, Zillow stands at number thirty-three in Glassdoor ‘50 Best Places to Work for in 2015′. In Q1, 2014, it saw a revenue growth of 70%. But the growth rate gradually started decreasing in Q2 and Q3 with 67.68% and 66.28% growth rates, respectively.
  10. Mindbody – Mindbody is at number thirty-four among the top 50s. It’s a company which makes technological efforts to propagate good health and wellness for all. Attaining the tenth position among the top ten tech companies is worth a lot of prestige.

Here is the comprehensive list of Employee’s Choice 50 Best Places to Work in 2015. The list clearly showcases how non-tech companies are making the working environment more employee friendly. Consequently, most of the tech companies lost their leading position to non-tech companies and even many companies slipped out of the list.


Top 50 companies

All this data shows that except for companies like Google and F5 Networks, every other tech company is losing its position in terms of popularity and employment. Companies like Mathworks, LinkedIn, Zillow and Mindbody not only need to concentrate on increasing their revenue and employee satisfaction but should also work hard on their marketing strategies to come into notice of the common people. Even the going down of a company like Facebook tells us that people get bored with something, very soon. Every time, they are looking for something new which, technically, only Google can provide.


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