Android Starts Losing Its Grip On The U.S. Smartphone Market !!!

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Android and iOS are the two most popular names in the mobile OS segment. But who is real winner? However, while considering global market presence, Android is quite ahead of iOS, even in the U.S. market. But the latest report from ComScore has astonished everyone, saying Android starts losing its grip on the U.S. market.

Before moving further, it’s better to see the performance of Android and iOS running smartphones in the U.S. Over the last three months period ending February 2013, among top four Android hardware markers, three vendors–HTC, Motorola and LG–saw a significant decline in their market share. However, Samsung succeeded to improve its smartphone market in the U.S. during the three months period, from 20.3% in November 2012 to 21.3% in February 2013.

On the other side, Apple grew up its market share in the U.S. to 38.9% over three months average period ending February 2013, from 35.0% in November 2012. In simple words, we could easily see that demand of Android devices was little lackluster during the three months period, while demand of iPhone rose significantly. Thanks to Apple’s iPhone 5, which is still selling well in the country.

Samsung Vs Apple In the U.S.

However, our discussion is confined with Google’s Android market share, which had seen a significant decline in the U.S. during three months period ending February this year. At the end of November 2012, Android owned 53.7% of the U.S. market share, but its share dropped to 51.7% as of February end this year. Indeed, it’s one of the surprising things for anyone that the market share of the mobile platform like Android dropped by 2% in the U.S. over three months period ending February this year.

However, just a few days before, Kantar Worldpanel revealed that sales of Android devices mounted up during three months period ending February 2013 in the U.S. The firm also reported that the sales of iPhones decreased significantly during the same period. Of course, there’s huge discrepancies with installed base number, provided by two different firms.

Android vs iOS in the U.S.

However, Comscore encompassed consumers those were aging 13 years or more. But still, it’s confusing, could under 13 years population make such discrepancies ?



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