Are You A Gaming Geek: ‘Five Commandments’ Before You Buy Video Games Online !

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Does your day start with joysticks instead of coffee mugs? Or as a kid your best friends were the valiant shooters in Contra? You must read this article if you can relate yourself with any of the conditions stated above. From the days of saving every pocket money to get your hands on the latest Video game in the market to the present “earned” video game, buying the right game has been a challenge for gamers and especially in this modern age of online shopping!  Through this article today we aim at guiding you pick the correct video games in India online.

  • The thumb-rule! Words come before numbers. A manufacturer never labels his own products bad! So, stay away from the game’s website. Don’t rely on paid reviews, although it is difficult to make out own but think twice before accepting  a review which only sings glories about the game. Go ask your other gamer friends who had the game hands-on and other forum experts whose reviews would be unbiased!
  • Look out for old, retired games. Many of you look for old games as you couldn’t quite afford it at release or due to various other reasons. Check them out on sites like There are plenty of online reliable sources of old games which are DRM free.
  • Fall for a better game developer, than a publisher. Following him will ensure you stay updated about any game sequels or future releases.
  • Every day is a deal day! Look out for sites, like, that offer games at unbelievably half or quarter the price of the retail store. You can also check out the pre-requisites or the compatibility list for a particular game. Besides, don’t forget to pay attention on reviews from gamers.
  • There are always better options available than bests in terms of flavors. Checkout Gaming section of large online e-commerce stores like eBay or Flipkart. Undoubtedly, they are the largest online shopping portals available today in India. There are 1001 different online game parlors. But rely on the recommended sources for their proven track record and after sales service with some added perks!

To conclude, your genre of gaming can be anything. However, there is no harm in trying (beg, borrow, steal) the top raters of various niches from time to time. You might just get addicted to it. Also don’t forget to look out for rental game parlors or gaming buddies to try a game before actually buying it, Explore the nook and corners of the game before making it your own and don’t forget there are few things that a good gamer can’t buy for everything else, there is a “cheat-code”!

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