bSafe App For Smartphone: Send Automatic Alerts To Get Help In Danger [Video]

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In this modern age, elders or youngsters have become more comfortable to travel anywhere alone at anytime and the probability of them being in emergency or any trouble is high. For example; you might need urgent medical attention, might be followed by some mobsters or might get stuck anywhere. And there might be situations when you want to call for help but couldn’t find anyone at that instant, which is why exactly bSafe app can alert your friends for your rescue. So bSafe could be your last hope.

bSafe app is by a start-up called Bipper, where there is a similar app called bipperkids for the safety of kids. BipperMom should be proud of these apps. “Silje Vallestad” – founder, launched Bipper – a mobile safety solution last fall in partnership with Tele2. bsafe app is widely used in U.S, U.K, Sweden and Norway

There is news about the increased risk of rape, robbery, murder etc in many countries, especially in New York. So currently there is a free version of this app, which will be available for the New Yorkers.


How bSafe works:

Initially you just need to add trusted guardians or contacts into the app whom you might alert at troubled situations. Later on in emergencies you can just click the big “SOS” one touch alarm and your guardian will receive your sms along with a link to a map with your GPS position, following which they can arrange for immediate help.  With the premium version, 3 guardians can be notified at the same time.

You just need to make sure that you add those people who always actively use their mobiles or else there is a chance that they might not look into their phones or ignore, thinking the incoming message to be unimportant.

bSafe App For Smartphone

Most women act as if they are talking to someone on their phone when they walk alone in the night, potentially reducing the risk of being attacked. So there is a feature in bsafe, by which you can initiate a fake incoming call and probably scare away the mobsters.

Guardians can monitor you movements in real-time via the app (locate you in map), only if you allow them to, after activating the Risk Mode.

There are not many apps like this in the market and there is fair chance for the growth of this app, especially in developed countries where the risk level is high. Hope this app will come in handy for millions of users in the years to come.

Here is an informative video about the bSafe app for smartphone


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