After HTC, Google Stands In The Support Of Samsung: An Outset Of Trouble For Apple

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At present, political maneuver over intellectual property right  has become a major issue for tech-companies. In the U.S., leveraging patents rights, Apple has threatened to number of players including HTC and Samsung. Last week, Apple succeeded to stalemate the sales of Samsung’s two major products (Galaxy 10.1 Tab and Galaxy Nexus).

It seems that Apple is unable to tolerate Samsung’s dominance in the Smartphone segment, that’s why, it has forced to the South Korean Company to not sale Android latest Jelly Bean- powered Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. This time, Samsung is the world’s largest hardware vendor of Android OS, undoubtedly, for Google, it keeps a zenith position. This is the first time when Samsung has confirmed that Google will support the company in the legal battle.

Google is currently supporting to HTC in order to contend Apple in the intellectual property right battle. Last week, Apple lost its bid against HTC to ban the company to sell its Smartphone in the U.S. market. In retaliation, Samsung has also filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing numbers of wireless patents.


The fight is taking a dramatic turn and there’s a possibility of truce, just by signing on cross-licensing deal. At present, Samsung is demanding 2.4% of royalty from Apple on the retail price of each and every iPhone and iPad. However, Apple has denied to pay such amount, considering the world leading Smartphone is over-charging on the product. Apparently, Apple agrees to pay as per commitment to fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing (FRAND).

However, the European Union is currently inquiring about Samsung’s FRAND-related patents, whether demand of the company is fair or not, while other side, the US. Federal Trade Commission is investigating to Google. It’s expected that Samsung could loss $200 million due to ban of selling Galaxy 10.1 Tab in the U.S.

On the other hand, Samsung could loss over $60 million per month if it will be restricted to sale Galaxy Nexus Smartphone in the U.S., means the company could loss $120 million if the ban suspends for next two months. The company has estimated to sell 100,000 galaxy Nexus phones per month. In addition to these, the company is also fearing to be banned of its Galaxy SIII model in the country.

Indeed, Apple is trying to provide an unfair means of competition to its rivals. But, this time, Samsung has teamed up with Google to contend Apple. I think, Google could have a strength of Motorola Mobility’s patents and it’s not easy for Apple to contend two potent rivals simultaneously in the battlefield.

However, Samsung is trying to concentrate over its own OS (Bada), which market share has globally increased to 1.6% (listed in top 10 OS). Besides, the company has also sold over 7 million Galaxy SIII Smartphone since it launch.



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