Why iPhone Is So Important To Apple? [Inforgraphic]

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It’s well known that Apple introduced its iPhone in January 2007 and the Smartphone was the first phone ever to offer a multi touchscreen interface. Really, the company revolutionized the phone concept, and later, multi touchscreen on mobile device became a standard for the industry. Apple has always maintained an exclusiveness with operating system and that’s why, all iPhone are using its own mobile OS (iOS), having a set of multimedia and productivity applications. However, Apple reluctantly opened the device for the third party in 2008 to make the platform competitive.

In July 2008, Apple introduced its App Store for creating a mobile ecosystem around its OS and now, it’s accounting billion dollars revenue to the company. Apple sold 72 million iPhones just in the last year and has sold over 140 million till date. In less than 5 years how iPhone has become a prominent part for the company. In 2011, iPhone alone accounted US$47 billion (representing more than 40% of total revenue) to the company.

Interestingly, the company has managed to maintain high profit-margin in such competitive Smartphone industry. At present, Google and Samsung are considered as Apple’s strongest rivals. Google jumped out into mobile OS realm after launching Android (mobile OS) in 2008, and now, every second Smartphone is powered by the OS. On the other hand, Samsung is Android’s largest hardware partner and now, it’s the world leading Smartphone manufacturer, followed by Apple.


Indeed, there’s no need to explain about Apple’s iPhone 4S—the device was introduced with voice recognition App “Siri”. Beside, the company has also decided to launch its next generation Smartphone (iPhone 5) later this year. For getting more information, go through the infographic (below):

Source: Statista




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