People In Beijing Pelted Over Apple On Kick-off Sales Day of iPhone

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Apple – one among the leading companies in the Smartphone industry – has been implementing many ideas to increase its sales and get acquainted with its users. Recently it even held an online sale in the Asia Pacific region on the occasion of Year Of the Dragon festival.

However, iPhone 4S was not put up for sale in China during this sale because it was due to be released there on January 13th. Apple seems to have kicked off with a bad start to their iPhone 4S sales at Beijing. The company had decided to sell iPhone through its 3 stores in Shanghai and 2 in Beijing.

But a store in Beijing Sanlitun district failed to open, forcing it to face the fury of the customers who were waiting over night at below 9 degree temperatures. The store was pelted with eggs by the angry group after a man announced over a bullhorn that the phone would not be sold with no further explanations as such.

The store was announced to be open by 7 am but at 7:15 am, when the above announcement was made, people started chanting “open the door” and “Liars”. Elsewhere in the capital, the sales went smoothly with the store giving out 1000 tickets for the purchase of max of 2 iPhone 4S handsets with each. A store at Pudony Shangai, opened an hour early to accommodate the crowd before beginning the sale.


Crowd outside the Sanlitun store were really angry. Many workers, hired by resellers, were pissed as they were not paid for the effort put by them because they failed to get the phone. This is not the first when this store has been closed. The same incident had repeated when a group that had come to buy iPad2 became unruly.

Cuputino, a California based company had sold 5.6 million iPhone in the first 9 months last year, giving it 10.4% share of the Smartphone market in Q3 2011. But with the incident that happened at Sanlitun, Apples sales would be affected because of its angry and disappointed customers.

Luckly, China Unicom, the 2nd largest carrier, would be in profit because of such incident. The company had announced the sale of iPhone 4S on contract – the only company providing this offer. The phones will be delivered to the customers directly to their homes if ordered online. The site quotes 16GB model for 5880 yuan ($930) with different subsidies. The phone would be free to users committing to a 3 year plan for 286 yuan a month or a 2 year plan costing 386 yuan a month.

Apple considerably has lost the people whom it had got acquainted with the dragon sale which was held recently. Hope the company releases some good offer to win over its customers hearts again.



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