iPad 3 Launch Rumors Heat Up: Integrates Many Advance Features

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It’s been over internet from past few months that third generation of Apple’s revolutionary iPad 3 is coming soon in the market. Since the launch of iPad2 in March this year, rumors has started kicking off that Apple will soon launch iPad 3 in the market. According to a fresh rumor, iPad3 will be loaded with many advanced features and with upgraded quad-core CPU inside instead of dual-core. Some reports had already revealed that Apple has been speckled with assemblers and components suppliers in Asia. Apple iPads are the most trusted products in the Tablet market as company made record sales of over million in the first week of launch. Recently, company has revealed that it has shipped 11 million iPads in third quarter of 2011, which is expected to touch 14 million by the year-end.

As per the leaked information by component suppliers, Apple has already ordered 1.5 million new parts for iPad 3 which is supposedly to be shipped by fourth quarter of 2011. This directly indicates that Apple will definitely launch iPad 3 either by the end of this year or by starting of 2012.

Apple is expected to introduce iPad 3 in early 2012 with higher resolution as compared to the earlier model. iPad 3 will have 2048 X 1536 px resolution compare to iPad 2’s 1024 X 768 px. However, the screen size will be 9.7 inch same as iPad 2. It’s also been predicted that iPad 3 might be loaded with 5.0 megapixel camera instead VGA – provided in iPad 2.

Apple’s next generation tablet might have thinner and lighter battery than the one included in iPad 2. Also the new battery pack will have more juice for longer back-up. The screen of iPad 3 might come up with built-in LED flash, something which is missing in the current version.

As an enhancement to mobile device, iPad 3 will be lighter than iPad 2 because of carbon fibre casing, which will make it lighter in weight and faster in data transfer and browsing. There is a certainty that next-gen of Apples iPad may be equipped with NFC (Near-Field-Communication) chip too, which will make it to function more like a smart card and even allow other Apple devices, like Mac and iPhone, an easy wireless communication.

Currently, maximum countries already have 4G network connectivity and to tap such market Apple might enhance its iPad 3 with 4G technology.

However, one might be sure that iPad 3 will be more expensive as compared to iPad 2. But in such competitive market when companies like Amazon has launched its kindle fire – quite similar to iPad but tagged with $199 – will iPad 3 get success. In my view, Apple should think twice before increasing the cost of iPad 3, since it might affect the potential market.



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